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The capital continues the reconstruction of the former Hotel Opatov. According to the planned schedule, approximately 650 Prague residents should find a new home here in 272 apartments in the spring of 2025. Council of the head At today’s meeting, the City of Prague established a Working Group to coordinate the completion and commissioning of the Opatov Hotel. The task of the expert group will be to coordinate the completion of the project and the solution of issues related to transport with an emphasis on the interests of local residents. It will also deal with the expediency of using non-residential spaces and the issue of parking.

Deputy Mayor m. of Prague for the area of ​​housing Alexander Udženija was checked together with representatives of Technologies hl. city ​​of Prague, the construction company HOCHTIEF and other actors, how the construction work in the former Hotel Opatov is progressing.

“Every apartment counts, and that’s why I’m very happy that the former unused hotel is becoming new apartments for seniors, starter apartments for young people, for families with children and necessary professions for the people of Prague – professionals in fields such as education, healthcare or security. It is very encouraging. Especially considering the long-term dismal housing situation in our city,” states deputy Alexandra Udženija, who also highlighted the importance of incorporating non-residential spaces.

The combination of an apartment building with an extensive range of services for local residents copies current trends for residential living and increases the added value of the entire project.

Council of the head City of Prague, responding to the current development of the project and anticipating the needs associated with its completion and subsequent commissioning, approved the establishment of a working group at today’s meeting. This group will have the task of coordinating not only the completion and commissioning of the former Hotel Opatov, but also address the increased traffic demands in the area and ensure that the needs of local residents are respected as much as possible.

The current project in Opatov is a significant step forward for housing in Prague and demonstrates the fulfillment of the city’s commitment to create quality and affordable housing for all citizens.

In the future, the apartment building will offer 68 units of 1+kk, 152 units of 2+kk, 35 units of 3+kk and 17 units of 4+kk.

Photos from the tour of the building are available at: Hotel Opatov.

About the House for a New Beginning project:

  • Start of renovation: May 31, 2022
  • Planned Completion: Spring 2025
  • Number of units: 272 housing units
  • Capacity: for about 650 people
  • Investor: Capital city of Prague
  • Technical supervision: Technology hl. city ​​of Prague, as
  • Designer: LOXIA as
  • Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ as © – What you can find elsewhere, you can easily find here

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