TK record for the transformation of Czech Post

TK record for the transformation of Czech Post
TK record for the transformation of Czech Post

Prague – Today, ČTK broadcast a live press conference from 09:00 a.m. on the transformation plan of the Czech Post and cooperation with the Labor Office. You can play her recording below.

Česká pošta expects an operating loss of around 310 million crowns this year, which is roughly 630 million crowns lower in EBITDA than last year. Originally, the post office expected an operating loss of 1.5 billion crowns for this year, including the income from the sale of the main post office building in Jindřišská Street, which will not be made this year.

According to the authorized deputy general director Miroslav Štěpán, the company is taking measures to reduce the loss this year and next year and to stabilize the economy. The measures include, among other things, the cancellation of 300 branches in the middle of this year, the dismissal of employees, the sale of real estate or the extension of delivery times. Štěpán estimated the total benefit from these measures this year and next at 4.3 billion crowns.

Next year, deputies should approve a transformation law that will lead to the separation of Balíkovna into a separate joint-stock company. The branch network that will provide services for the state will remain in the state-owned enterprise Česká pošta. Payment for these services should no longer be limited to the amount of CZK 1.5 billion and will be paid quarterly. In 2025, the Czech Telecommunications Office (ČTÚ) should then grant a new postal license. In the years 2025 and 2026, the post office as a whole is already expecting a positive economy.

Part of the transformation should be the creation of a functional mechanism for drawing funds from external state or private sources for the transformation process and the development of postal activities. Next year, the Post Office will continue to transfer branches to Partner post offices, which will be operated by other entities. For the next year, it expects to transfer 150 to 180 branches. There are currently more than 800 partner post offices out of a total of 2,900 branches.

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