Representatives of Prague 6 will meet at the eighth meeting


Program proposal:

Fixed point at 3:00 p.m.: Interpellation

1. Z-0315 – Election of associates of the District Court for Prague 6 – M.Sc. Starek (usn. no. RMČ-0888/23 and usn. no. RMČ-1026/23)

2. Z-0322 – I. budget measures of the City of Prague 6 for the year 2023 – Ing. Hlinský (us. no. RMČ-0977/23)

3. Z-0326 – Report on the activities of SNEO, as – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-1047/23)

4. Z-0323 – Contract on a future donation contract (Nová Ruzyně – area III) – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-1036/23)

5. Z-0318 – Principles of financial participation of investors in the development of the Prague 6 district – Ing. Leather (usn. no. RMČ-1038/23)

6. Z-0327 – Draft procedure in the matter of drafting the Development Strategy of the City of Prague 6 – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-1037/23)

7. Z-0312 – Sale of plots of land. No. 2973/13, parc. No. 2973/19, parc. No. 2973/21 and parc. No. 2973/22 of the Office of Ruzyně – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-0997/23)

8. Z-0301 – Sale of land park. No. 1142/14 of the Dejvice office – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-0945/23)

9. Z-0302 – Sale of land park. No. 1142/16 of the Dejvice office – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-0947/23)

10. Z-0303 – Assignment of land park. No. 1299/3 of Vokovice – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-0946/23)

11. Z-0317 – Extinction of claims based on legal facts for tenants of apartments, non-residential premises and land – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-0988/23)

12. Z-0320 – Forgiveness of bad debts related to the rental, management and maintenance of real estate – MgA. Prokop (usn. no. RMČ-1034/23)

13. Z-0324 – Provision of an individual grant to the proFem organization – a center for victims of domestic and sexual violence, ops – M.Sc. Starek (us. no. RMČ-1032/23)

14. Z-0298 – Provision of an individual subsidy with Nesedím, sesedím – MD Hošek (us. no. RMČ-0950/23)

15. Z-0300 – Provision of subsidies in the area of ​​social and related services for the year 2023 – II. bike – MD Hošek (us. no. RMČ-0952/23)

16. Z- 0316 – Provision of subsidies to organizations providing hospice care for III. quarter 2023 – MD Hošek (us. no. RMČ-1003/23)

17. Z – 0331 – Update of the Representative’s Code of Ethics – M.Sc. Ing. Kužílek – chairman of VOMP

18. Z-0328 – Report on KITT6, contribution organization – Vl. Šuvarina (us. no. RMČ-1049/23)

19. Z-0235 – Extension of the deadline for completing tasks and technical modifications of the ZMČ resolution– M.Sc. Starek (usn. no. RMČ-1024/23 and usn. no. RMČ-1046/23)

Informative messages:

a. Budget measures of the Municipal District of Prague 6 for the year 2023 – Ing. Hlinský (7. – No. RMČ-0796/23, 8. – No. RMČ-0897/23, 9. – No. RMČ-0977/23)

b. Information on received petitions – Ing. Holistic

Source: City of Prague 6

The online broadcast can be watched on Facebook or the website of the city district.

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