Vladimir 518: Everything I think about myself has started to seem intrinsically suspect


7/11/2023 – 28/11/2023

As the title of the latest cycle of paintings and works on paper, which multimedia artist Vladimír 518 created for the Platform 15 space, suggests, introspection became the main theme of his current visual thinking.

With his typical flat painting in pastel shades combined with drastic graphic interventions and brutal reduction of shapes, which sometimes stops at the border of caricature, he defragments the human face almost in an architectural way and tries to penetrate the labyrinth of feelings and thoughts through its surface.

The dynamic composition moves the traditional head motif towards structural abstraction, so that it can avoid exhausting illustrative literalism, but at the same time retains the ability to act as a catalyst for personal associative processes. Objectifying morphology opens up the possibility of subjective perception, so basically everyone can identify with the content of the images thanks to the generally formed expression.

Although the center of interest seems to be primarily self-reflection, in other words the head and everything that happens in it, including self-doubt and the progressive destruction of the personality, what Vladimir 518 is actually expressing most is the reflection of a time full of virtual pretense confronted with the real by the pressure of everyday life.

Platform 15, Písecká 15, Prague 3.

The opening will take place on Tuesday, November 7 at 7 p.m., the exhibition will last until November 28.

The article is in Czech


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