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Van Damme arrived in Prague, Jgr and Vaut will interview him at Night with the Legend

Van Damme arrived in Prague, Jgr and Vaut will interview him at Night with the Legend
Van Damme arrived in Prague, Jgr and Vaut will interview him at Night with the Legend

Van Damme joins Jgr in the film Nhl smrt (Sudden Death), which will take place in the arena of the Pittsburgh Fats in the decisive series of the NHL finals. It was tk. Hockey players are big guys, and playing with such stars as they played in Pittsburgh was difficult. But I didn’t feel very good in the goal, he said when reminiscing about his role as Van Damme.

Last week Jgr published a video in which Van Damme stood in the goal of Tuk in the frame of the film. That time Jean-Claude Van Damme fucked us in Pittsburgh, so I’ll try to fuck him in SaSaZ in Prague. I love these funny videos. And when he jumped on the ice, when we got the ball and then caught the entrance, I jumped behind him on the stage. When Mark Vaut doesn’t mind (I’d hate to get punched in the dark), I’ll give Van Damme a run. I didn’t let the moderator go, wrote Jgr on his Instagram profile.

In his new role, Jgr can ask something that most professional moderators would not ask, noted moderator Vtrovsk.

In an interview with the newspaper, the famous actor talked about his roles and his positive attitude towards sports and revealed that in his twenties he put his iconic forefinger on the rope between two idols. I hope that even in Prague I will also know the local food and beer, from my past visits I remember the historical city and the nice days, he shared.

Van Damme opt in esku

Van Damme visited the Czech Republic several times, for example in November 1995, when, as a professional European karate champion, he won the kickboxing competition. He had fun in Prague in 2010, when he presided over the jury in the contest of Miss.

Van Damme will meet his friends on November 7. Visitors to the evening, which in the past was represented by the famous boxers Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury, can hear from the actor his story about painful arrests and the subsequent dream of a career. Unlike previous evenings, this time the tables will be dancing in the SaSaZ audience. Tickets for the meeting with the Belgian actor and athlete cost from 1,490 crowns, for a table with refreshments from 3,490 crowns.

Van Damme is famous for five roles in Hollywood action films, in which he applies his lifelong love of karate. In 1979, he became a professional middleweight champion of Europe as a karateka. He was also involved in other martial arts and kickboxing, and from the age of 16 he went to ballet for five years. At the age of seventeen, he became the champion of Belgium in bodybuilding.

He debuted in front of the camera in 1984 with a small role in the French film Ulika the Barbarian, and a year later he shot the film Karate Tiger in Hollywood. His second film Blood Sport, packed with samples of the most diverse Asian martial arts, became a box office hit, and Van Damme’s roles began to pour in. He most famously portrayed them in the films Kickboxer, Double Shot, Universal Soldier and Timecop.

But drugs also took over his sleepy career in the 90s. Everyone who called me names, agents, first-timers, didn’t even bother to visit my studio, the disappointed actor stated at the time. In recent years, Van Damme appeared in the action series Disposable, in which the top stars of action films were cast.

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