The film festival in Prague will show the novelties of Central European film


It will become Prague for a few days the center of Central European film. Artists from the countries of the Visegrad Four will present during the 3Kino FilmFest competition festival for 20 movie news. The screening of the competition films will take place in the cinema halls of the Municipal Library on Mariánské náměstí, while the accompanying program will take place in the 3Kino Art Pasáž at Vodičkova 30.

“Mark the week of November 6-11 on your calendar and get ready for days full of emotions, stars and new discoveries. 3Kino FilmFest 2023 will not only excite you, but also leave you with unforgettable impressions and literally draws you into the world of Central European film and art,” says the festival ambassador, chanson singer and actress Renata Drössler.

“Central Europe is diverse and colorful. Such is the film and art from this region,” adds Drössler. Film news from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic they deal with interpersonal relationships, love for others and oneself, but also current topics such as war, the refugee crisis or climate change. There are also films reflecting the events of the 20th century.

The festival will be opened by the ceremonial premiere of the Polish animated film Jagna (Chłopi), which was nominated for an Oscar. The Czech film Brothers will not be missing either telling the story of the Mašín brothers, the Hungarian I see what you see about lost children or the Slovak Invalida about a man who decides to take justice into his own hands.

“This year, we managed to bring to Prague the best that has been created in the Central European film workshop recently. Films about real events, social dramas and artistic treasures, which may have eluded you until now,” says Vavřinec Menšl on behalf of the festival organizers. The organizers also invite to the accompanying program to 3Kino Art Pasáže for an exhibition, concert, discussion, screening of other non-competitive films and meetings with artists, actors or directors.

The three winning films, which will be decided by an expert jury, will be screened the following week from Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th November.

When? November 6-11, 2023
Where? Film screenings: cinema halls of the Municipal Library on Mariánské náměstí Accompanying program: 3Kino Art Pasáž, Vodičkova 30
Tickets: HERE (for the entire festival), HERE (individual films), or at the ticket office of the Central Library.

The 10th year of the Central European film festival 3Kino FilmFest begins

The 10th year of the Central European film festival 3Kino FilmFest begins

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