Photo quiz: Do you know a place in Prague? Check how well you know our metropolis


Do you notice your surroundings? If so, then we are bringing you the next part of our series, in which we will show you photos of streets, buildings or interesting places in the metropolis. Can you recognize places in Prague by the details captured for you by the viewfinder of the editorial camera? Try our photo quiz.

Try to guess which place in the photos it is today! We will bring you the solution to this quiz along with another photo puzzle on Thursday. At the same time, we will tell you a few interesting things about the place that you should have known.

Go with us to very well-known, but also unconventional places that you passed by without noticing on your way around the capital or that you have never been to.

The quiz series is published every Monday and Thursday. Check with us how well you know Prague.

The solution to the last quiz

In the last quiz, you should have known Slavonic Island, or Žofín, which is located on the right bank of the New Town next to the Masaryk embankment, between the National Theater and Jiráské náměstí.

Photo quiz: Do you know a place in Prague?

Photo quiz: Do you know a place in Prague? Check how well you know our metropolis

The island was formed by gradual deposits of soil behind the Šítkov mills, which stood in the place of today’s Mánes near the Novoměstská water tower, and used to be much smaller. However, the island only acquired its current dimensions in 1784 during a great flood, after which protective walls were built.

Photo quiz: Do you know a place in Prague?Photo quiz: Do you know a place in Prague?Source: Diary/Radek CihlaOn the eve of the Epiphany storms of 1848, the Slav Congress took place here, in memory of which the island was renamed Slovanský in 1925.

Over time, the island became an important center of the social and cultural life of the city. The island is dominated by the flamboyant Neo-Renaissance Žofín Palace – a traditional venue for holding balls and concerts. The new building was inaugurated in May 1837 with a grand ball.

The island also has the Štítkovská water tower, several boat and pedal boat rentals, a park and a popular children’s playground. The island is connected to the Šítkovský weir with a navigation chamber with a small lighthouse. It is accessible from the embankment using the bridge over the arm of the Vltava and the passage around the Mánes building.

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