A well-known sports psychologist built the log with his own help 20 minutes outside Olomouc


Michal, why did you decide to change?

For a long time I was looking for an apartment in Olomouc in which I would invest and take out a mortgage. But it was too expensive in the city, so when the opportunity arose to build my own house just 20 minutes from the city, I took it. It must be added that this choice was also not completely cheap.

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i Photo: Michal Vičar (with permission)

Have there been any problems with the purchase of the land?

Nothing important. I convinced the owner who was selling it through a real estate agent that I really wanted this place. There were approximately 19 applicants in total.

What were your criteria for choosing a location?

I wanted to be close to nature. When I reached this place and saw it here for the first time, it was clear to me.

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Michal’s cottage is basically located at the top of Větrňák hill (580 m above sea level). Far from Zábřeh to Chřiby, there is no building built at a higher altitude. Mr. Michal verified the information in the topographical maps of the given regions.

How did you solve the foundation of the building on the slope?

We built the log house on the foundations that were there after the original cottage. We had to tear it down because it was in a very bad condition. All that was left of it were the foundations and the base plate, which I had the company level. They also repaired a piece of the wall, which also remained here after the former cottage.

What about connections? Do you have everything you need here?

Only electricity is supplied here. We are building a sewage treatment plant here and we also had a well drilled to a depth of 70 meters.

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How did your family and surroundings react to your new idea?

Part of the family didn’t trust me very much. She knows I have some crazy ideas at times, so she just waved it off saying that I’ll probably see it through, even if it even with regard to my zero experience with building a house it seemed as unrealistic. Today, everyone likes to come here and also lend a hand to the work.

Looking back, I don’t really see anything that crazy about the whole project. It was more difficult to deal with how the environment discourages you.

Mr. Michal and his “crazy” ideas

During the interview, we were intrigued by Mr. Michal’s story about his crazy ideas. We didn’t hesitate to ask. At the age of 22, he decided to go around the world in a Škoda 1000 MB with a friend. It was about the first Czech trip around the world by car.

What about your partner? How did she take the construction of the log house?

I told her that I had lost my contracted carpenter and that I would end up building the whole log house myself, because the construction doesn’t look complicated on the internet (others can do it, I can do it too).

At first she started laughing at me and then she said: ‘If you can build a log house yourself, I will give birth to four children for you.’ Therefore, I think we are expecting a lot of children.


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