Atrium will ride the wave of jazz | News

Atrium will ride the wave of jazz | News
Atrium will ride the wave of jazz | News

At the 28th edition of the International Jazz Piano Festival, we will once again be presented with the best from the domestic and foreign music scene. There will be four concerts this year and they will be shared by the Nusel town hall and the Žižkov Atrium. “We have been happily cooperating with the International Jazz Piano Festival and its organizer Petr Pylypov for several years, because it always comes with an interesting dramaturgy and top foreign performers with overlaps in various musical fields,” says Marie Kašparová, director of the Kultura Prague 3 organization, which is a music hall in Čajkovského Street is established.

Sullivan Fortner from the United States (pictured) will perform at the Atrium on Thursday, November 30. The sought-after professional musician has, for example, a joint project with Paul Simon, but he also accompanies other well-known performers. After him, Jakub Tököly from Slovakia will play something from his repertoire, who projects the best of the jazz tradition into his work, while letting himself be inspired by important musical personalities of the past and the recent past. Among his most interesting collaborations is the one with Ľubomír Gašpar captured on the record Ľubozvuk, where he mixes jazz with classical music.

On Thursday, December 7, the festival will conclude with performances by pianist, composer and producer Kamil Piotrowicz from Poland and Azerbaijani pianist and composer Elchin Shirinov. Although Shirinov comes from a musical family, he never went to any music school and taught himself to play the piano. Perhaps this is precisely the basis of his original and unmistakable work, for which he received the title of Meritorious Artist of Azerbaijan in 2018. Piotrowicz also won a number of awards. His qualities are also proven by repeated nominations for the Polish “Grammy” Fryderyk.

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