PHOTO: A man with a knife attacked a pump in Dresden. Do you recognize him?


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Police officers from the Dresden Police Headquarters are searching for a person who is suspected of several violent crimes that allegedly took place in Dresden.

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A man with a knife robbed a pump in Dresden. Do you recognize him?

| Photo: PCR

At the turn of July and August, an as yet unknown person attacked a gas station operator with a knife in his hand, then ran away with the money. The same offender then tried it in the shopping arcade and in the savings bank. Yes, but in one case he didn’t walk anymore, they didn’t give him any money. According to the attached photos, he is a man with an apparently youthful appearance, approximately 170 cm tall, with a slim to thin build. More information about the unknown person can be found HERE

Convoys of trucks on the D8 highway. Archival image.

Again and again. Drivers to Germany are standing in queues again, the controls are to blame

In connection with the search for an unknown person, the German police are asking for help from the Czech media and the general public. Report any information about the movement or whereabouts of the wanted person to any police station or on line 158. “The search will last as long as the person is published under the above internet link of the section. In the event that the person cannot be found in the wanted persons database under the above internet link, the search for the person is called off,” said police spokesman Kamil Marek.

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