Again and again. Drivers to Germany are standing in queues again, the controls are to blame


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Drivers on the D8 highway towards Germany are experiencing another restless morning. According to Deník, several kilometers long columns are again forming due to border controls.

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Convoys of trucks on the D8 highway. Archival image.

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The situation was the worst on Tuesday morning from six to seven-thirty, according to the server, the delay is now about fifteen minutes. Passenger cars can therefore choose a different route for the journey to Germany, otherwise drivers must expect a delay, albeit a minor one. Due to the accident, the column also formed in the direction of Prague.

On the route to Germany, the already well-known controls of customs officials are to blame, but according to many, also undisciplined lorry and lorry drivers.

In the territory of the Ústí Region since September 27, when Germany introduced emergency measures at the border, the police caught a total of 142 illegal migrants. Most people came from Syria and Turkey.

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Source: MP Ústí n. L.

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