The Bible doesn’t equal gay or straight virginity, son of a priest. And Soros doesn’t pay

The Bible doesn’t equal gay or straight virginity, son of a priest. And Soros doesn’t pay
The Bible doesn’t equal gay or straight virginity, son of a priest. And Soros doesn’t pay

It is essentially an audio-visual project for which web pages were created. There are seven ten-minute videos. It’s such a mosaic. Every day the darkness deepens. It is about the answers of priests, parishes, Bible scholars and other people with whom I conducted interviews, Tobi Frdl describes in Rozstel.

According to him, half of the video is aimed at people who are not well-versed in the Kazan issue, and the other half is aimed at people who have information about this topic. But then there is one debt that I dedicated to equal marriage, and I sent it publicly to MPs and senators.

The son of a parish priest and a preacher

I had a feeling that the undecided law-giver might feel some tension between his wife and same-sex marriage. I wanted to show them that I don’t really have to respect him at all, explains Frdl.

He grew up in a rather unconventional family environment. His father is also a member of the Crkve slovenskola Husitsk, where his mother also works as a preacher. He has a total of seven siblings, and he said in Rozstel that everyone accepted his orientation with understanding and tolerance.

I have respected since childhood, and in our home, the dark is not at all taboo and does not pose a problem. Of course before that, I didn’t tell the family, there was some concern. But that’s especially true. I think the parents reacted as best as they could and thanked me for telling them, recalled the FAMU student.

Hundreds of churches in Russia are tolerant of homosexuality, and even of equal marriage for LGBT people. Some Protestant churches even reject homosexuals.

But as far as my church is concerned, it does not yet have a unified position, the author of the project on the position of the Church of the Slovak Hussites towards gays and lesbians. But the discussion probh. Our church was founded in the twenties of the last century, and that was from democratic foundations. It works on democratic principles.

Duke or Pope Francis?

they say: we are a modern church for a modern hunter, continues the parish priest’s son. I think that freedom of conscience is respected in our country, so when one of our parishes took a car at you, even though it aroused various reactions, no one from the official representatives commented on it and they did not praise it in terms of freedom of conscience.

And this could also be read in the V colors of the rainbow project. I did not receive a statement from the church leadership, but some of the bishops shared a link to the project on their website. I don’t think it’s a problem in our church, but I could just imagine more support or openness, remarked the young filmmaker.

And how does a FAMU student view the views of the highest representatives of Czech Catholic women? For example, the former head of the Czech Catholic Church, Cardinal Dominik Duka, previously supported the controversial words of Krakow Archbishop Marek Jdraszewski, who said that there is a red plague on earth, but a new, neo-Marxist one has appeared that wants to control our souls, hearts and minds – not red, but rainbow.

It’s probably true that the highest representatives of Catholic women in the Czech Republic are not particularly tolerant in this regard, but Pope Francis has hinted at some possibility of understanding you, answered the priest’s son, according to which there are also people in other Czech Kesan churches who still refuse to accept the demands of the LGBT community .

But I have the feeling that it is exactly the same as in society. Develop your vision there too. It seems to me that it is gradually, albeit slowly, leading you to some kind of understanding and tolerance, thought Frdl.

The Old Catholic Church allowed you to have homosexual sex. Just like the evangelical church, the discussion will soon start in the Hussite church, says a FAMU student.

Bible gay no

And where does Tobi Frdl look for his tolerant attitude and orientation of support for pmo in the Bible? She, according to the theologian, rejects homosexuality. Critics of the LGBT movement even talk about homosexuality, which exists in the current global world.

For me, it is clear that the Bible does not. And I hear all the comments: have you forgotten Leviticus 18:22? (There is a point: she will not associate with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination.) In my opinion, however, homosexuality is not tolerated there. I don’t see any contradiction there at all, said the priest’s son.

When they start quoting me all those passports, it’s easy for me. Let’s break it down in the videos of my project, listen to it. One citt after another. But even so, I can see that the discussion is not working. Those people are in captivity of their guards and schools and they don’t care what the other side does to them, sighed the young man.

According to him, it is not possible to just bend to the old beliefs. Humanity evolves, so do concepts. The concept of homosexuality comes from the second half of the nineteenth century. So how do I appear in two years old text?

Tobi Frdl then denied in Rozstel that his project would be financed by corrupt multinational corporations, such as the often-maligned George Soros. It’s my pension, it’s my initiative. I did it for the reason that nothing like it has ever happened to us.

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