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The coach of the Slovakian national team, Craig Ramsay, had to make four changes in the nomination before the German Cup, at the meeting on Monday in Bratislava, “only” 12 compatriots from the Czech extra league reported to him.

The Vítkovice defender dropped out of the original nomination

Mario German

defender, 26 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/mario-grman/10083232″>Mário Grman and the Pilsen striker


Adrian Holešinsky

attacker, 27 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/adrian-holesinsky/18097″>Adrián Holešinský. Due to injury or illness, the coaches there cannot even use the services of defender Dávid Mudrák and forward


Peter Zuzin

attacker, 33 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/peter-zuzin/41571″>Peter Zuzin, who previously also worked in Olomouc and Třebíč.

The coaching staff thus called fullbacks Samuel Hain from Zvolen and Marko Korenčík to the vacated positions. He expanded the number of nominated players from the seventh Slovan Bratislava, led by Vladimír Růžička, to five! “I don’t see a reason for it, it causes unnecessary negative energy,” noted Slovak journalist Tomáš Prokop said on Twitter.

The offensive ranks were completed by Juraj Šiška from Zvolen and Andrej Kukuča from Poprad, who, together with Korenčík, is waiting for the premiere in the colors of the national team. They thus joined the debutantes Matej Kašlík and


New Year’s Eve Cusco

attacker, 28 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/silvester-kusko/14492″>Silvester Kusko, who currently works at Hané.

“When Grman dropped out, we chose Hain. He’s a similar type of player who is useful in breakdowns and works well in the defensive zone. Kukuča and Šiška are very productive in their teams and at the same time have good proportions for attackers. Korenčík was called practically at the last moment. He really liked Craig Ramsay, who watched him for a long time. He is the prototype of a player who fit into the vacant place in our lineup,” said assistant coach Peter Frühauf on the hockeyslovakia.sk website.

The ratio of nominees from the Slovak and Czech extra leagues is thus 11:12 after the changes. The goalkeepers will go to the opening event of the season


Samuel Hlavaj

goalkeeper, 22 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/samuel-hlavaj/10083403″>Samuel Hlavaj from Pilsen and


Matej Tomek

goalkeeper, 26 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/matej-tomek/40031″>Matej Tomek from Litvínov, beci


Michael Ivan

defender, 23 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/michal-ivan/10096585″>Michal Ivan from Liberec,


Peter Ceresniak

Defender, 30 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/peter-ceresnak/16240″>Peter Čerešňák with


Martin Bučko

defender, 23 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/martin-bucko/10082096″>Martin Buček from Pardubice and their teammate in attack


Matej Paulovich

attacker, 28 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/matej-paulovic/2491895″>Matej Paulovič, further from Brno


Lukáš Cingel

attacker, 31 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/lukas-cingel/19881″>Lukáš Cingel, White Tiger


Martin Faško-Rudaš

attacker, 23 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/martin-fasko-rudas/10079542″>Martin Faško-Rudaš, Steelworkers


Patrik Hrehorčák

attacker, 24 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/patrik-hrehorcak/32581″>Patrik Hrehorčák and


Miloš Roman

attacker, 24 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/milos-roman/18964″>Miloš Roman, a shooter from Hradec Králové


Oliver Eyeglasses

attacker, 23 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/oliver-okuliar/10079544″>Oliver Okuliar and the aforementioned rooster


New Year’s Eve Cusco

attacker, 28 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/www/hrac/silvester-kusko/14492″>Silvester Kusko.

Slovaks will play three matches at the German Cup in Landshut. And given that the women’s tournament is also being held at the same venue, at interesting times. On Thursday, November 9, they play the Austrians from 12:30 p.m., the Danes on Saturday from 11 a.m. and the home team from 2:30 p.m. the day after.

Nomination of Slovakia for the 2023 German Cup

Samuel Hlavaj (Pilsen, Czech Republic), Matej Tomek (Litvínov, Czech Republic).

Michal Beňo, Andrej Golian, Marek Korenčík (all Slovan Bratislava), Peter Čerešňák, Martin Bučko (both Pardubice, Czech Republic), František Gajdoš (Nitra), Samuel Hain (Elected), Michael Ivan (Liberec, Czech Republic).

Jozef Balaž (Trenčín), Lukáš Cingel (Kometa Brno, Czech Republic), Martin Faško-Rudaš (Liberec, Czech Republic), Patrik Hrehorčák, Miloš Roman (both Třinec, Czech Republic), Matej Kaslík, Juraj Šiška (both Elected), Andrej Kukuča (Poprad), New Year’s Eve Cusco (Olomouc, Czech Republic), Jakub Minárik, Samuel Takač (both Slovan Bratislava), Oliver Eyeglasses (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic), Matej Paulovich (Pardubice, Czech Republic).

Implementation team:

General manager: Miroslav Satan
Manager: Zuzana Chrenková
Head Coach: Craig Ramsay
Assistant coaches: Peter Frühauf and Róbert Petrovicky
Goalkeeper coach: Jan Lašák
Video Analyst: Igor Andrejkovic
Fitness coach: Robert Beres
Doctor: MD Roman Hunák
Physiotherapist: Vladimir Čavojec
Custodians: Marek Jenčík and Juraj Stopka

The program of the German Cup 2023 in Landshut

Thursday 9 November:
12:30 Austria – Slovakia
19:45 Germany – Denmark

Saturday 11 November:
11:00 Slovakia – Denmark
18:00 Germany – Austria

Sunday November 12:
11:00 Denmark – Austria
14:30 Germany – Slovakia

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