The pirates want Kolaja for the Czech European Commissioner


“Marcel is dedicated to the single market, society in the digital age, promotes freedom on the Internet, media independence and transparency,” commented the party chairman Ivan Bartoš.

“Whom the Czech Republic will offer as a candidate for European Commissioner is crucial. The portfolio that the country can achieve in the newly emerging Commission also depends on this,” reminded Kolaja, who wants to offer experience from the Presidency of the European Parliament.

According to him, the Czech Republic is striving for an economic portfolio in the long term. “One of the key ones that we could get even as a country that does not pay with the euro is the internal market agenda,” added the vice-chairman of the Pirates, who works in the EP alongside the presidency in the committees for the internal market and consumer protection and culture and education.

“I don’t know of any agreement.” STAN and the Pirates are fighting over who will nominate the European Commissioner

Věra Jourová is the current Czech European Commissioner for her second term. It is currently responsible for monitoring compliance with the values ​​of the European Union and for transparency.

The STAN movement has also been announcing interest in filling the post of Czech European Commissioner for a long time.

STAN wants to choose the Eurocommissioner. That was the promise

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