Pirti wants Kolaja for the European Commission. She is also a candidate for the European elections

Pirti wants Kolaja for the European Commission. She is also a candidate for the European elections
Pirti wants Kolaja for the European Commission. She is also a candidate for the European elections

According to Pirt, based on the agreement from the post-election negotiations with the Spolu coalition (ODS, KDU-SL, TOP 09), the nomination of the European Commission is based on the Pirt coalition with Mayors and Independents (STAN).

Kolaja received the support of 419 out of 518 voters, only Pirt. His opponent, Tereza Nislerová, was supported by 252 len. Whom will the Czech Republic propose as a candidate for the European Commission? The portfolio that the country can reach in the newly formed commission also depends on this, said Kolaja in the press release. He wants to gain his experience from the leadership of the European Parliament, where he served as mayor and now in the role of quaestor.

Kolaja has been an MEP since 2019, a member of the internal market and consumer protection and culture committees. From 2022, he will be the first mayor of Pirt, who was re-elected as the leader of the European candidates. R repeatedly strives for a strong economic portfolio. One of those keys that we could miss even as a country that doesn’t pay with the euro is the internal market agenda, said Kolaja.

The Pirts stated that when organizing the internal party elections, they were responding to the agreement at the level of the government, that the position would fall to the Pirt-STAN coalition. The nomination of one or more candidates must be confirmed by the vote, they said. The position that the future European Commission should be proposed by Pirti and STAN was confirmed, according to the Mayor of Pirti by Olga Richterov (Pirti), as well as Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS). Richterov stated this on CNN Prima News. The first two wrote that the STAN movement believes that the proposal to the European Commission is determined by itself.

The current European commissioner is Vra Jourov, who has represented the Czech Republic in the commission since 2014. In the current commission, Ursula von der Leyenov is vice-president and European commissioner for values ​​and transparency. In the past, the Czech commissioners were Pavel Telika, Vladimr pidla and Tefan Fle.

Pirti pes weekend and on Monday in a distant vote decided by a narrow margin to dismiss Jakub Michlek from the leading party – the Republican Committee. Michlek then announced that today he is also resigning from the position of chairman of the Pirt parliamentary club. However, the chairman of the party, Ivan Barto, told the Czech radio station Radiournl today that he will appeal to Michlek not to act as a member of the club. Their current published TK lives.

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