Many echoes are lost or expensive, hard research

Many echoes are lost or expensive, hard research
Many echoes are lost or expensive, hard research

The most common is that of households that have two-thirds of the population. You usually set it up when you buy a new property. It follows a lifetime or one-time contract, which is usually based on the birth of a child. According to her, she also reaches for travel and emergency insurance.

The generation over 50 is the most likely. This applies to all types of products. But the biggest difference can be seen in terms of continuous responsibility. In the age category of 18 and 29 years, twelve percent of people have it, while in the category of 50 and 65 years, this figure is 37 percent, according to Milan Mak, analyst of the data journalism portal Europe in Data.

Regional differences can be seen in the travel industry, which has the most famous Praan, fifty percent of them have it. It is probably related to your income in the metropolis, which allows the residents there to travel more. The Karlovy Vary region is similar to me, because there are more so-called commuters who go to Germany to work. Outside of Prague, the people have a hard life and a good life, explained Mak.

Vt according to mortgages is the same for those who have a mortgage or other insurance. The demand for food grows with the way people perceive it. often use the recommendation of the household. Risk aversion also plays a role, I think, that’s how people can insure themselves, added Kamila Fialov from the Sociological Status of the Academy of Sciences.

Although I do have a connection, the connection is often not available. If you’re not too self-conscious about your insurance, don’t worry, especially about your insurance policy, to Milan Ka, talk to Kooperativa insurance company. For example, the survey from 2021 showed that 41 percent of people do not know the value of their real estate. Similarly, according to pojičnich, he has not updated his contract in the last five years.

estnct percent doesn’t

People who don’t have a mortgage explain their attitude by saying that they don’t own anything valuable, don’t have a mortgage, or don’t have enough money to be able to pay for the mortgage every month. According to sociologist Fialov, drinking first for people with these names is a must. they probably don’t have the means to cover the so-called insurance event from their own.

Eighty percent of people cited a lack of finances as the reason for not owning a permanent home. Most of the people who are not connected have changed that they have nothing of value. Half of the households with these incomes are not able to afford a non-financial income of more than ten thousand crowns, said David Navrtil, chief economist of esk spoitelna. He specified that the risk of poverty increases the most with the loss of a partner, followed by the loss of employment.

they spent only 2.9 percent of GDP on food. The European average is 6.8 percent. However, in individual countries, a factor is added to the indicator of totals in continuity. Legislative difference in tax regime, structure and development of the economy, value of personal property, and different pension systems. The cloud of continuity must therefore be taken with a grain of salt and assessed individually, explains Tereza Hrtsov, analyst at esk spoitelna.

A good start is that, according to the survey, financial health has slightly improved after several outbreaks. The number of people who live easily with their income increased by six percentage points.

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