Pornography and threats. Schools warn of dangerous WhatsApp group


A number of primary schools, not only from Kutná Hora but also from the surrounding municipalities, warn the parents of their students about a group on WhatsApp that invites children to add as many of their friends as possible to it. Members then have access to pornographic images or brutal videos that depict murders and suicides. In addition, schoolchildren are threatened that they must not leave the group, otherwise something will happen to them. The police are already investigating the case.

The group called “Add as many people as possible” is not called that for nothing. He encourages his members to add as many friends and acquaintances as possible and thus beat the imaginary record. But behind the seemingly innocent game, vulgar communication, pornography and brutal videos are actually hidden.

The group was mostly pointed out by the children themselves

In most cases, the children themselves drew attention to the group. Some told their parents at home, others told their teachers at school. “We received a notification from a parent who, like us, contacted the police. I have no idea how many children it affects, but it is a delicate matter,” admitted the director of the Žižkov Elementary School in Kutná Hora, Alena Kotrbová.

The school immediately warned parents to check their children’s mobile phone groups on WhatsApp.

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The same notice was sent these days to the parents of children who attend the TG Masaryk Elementary School in Kutná Hora. Several local students reported the suspicious group to the class teacher. It was strange to them that they were showing up where they hadn’t signed up.

The school prevention officer, who started to solve the whole matter, also took several screenshots of the communication in the group during the survey among the schoolchildren. “What I saw were, for example, pornographic images or threats to the effect that whoever leaves the group or blocks the number will be in danger,” explained school director Zdenka Mačinová, adding that the school had already informed the police.

We have evidence, we reported the matter immediately

At the Primary School in Církvica, on the other hand, the teaching staff was the first to find out about the suspicious group, because one of the teachers was among the members. She immediately downloaded its contents as evidence. The other two cantors then discovered that someone had added their own children to the group. “We have not received any notification from parents or children, but we as teachers have evidence. We immediately reported the matter to the police,” explained director Ludmila Hrušková, adding that the school had already warned parents to be careful on social media and the website.

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But some children have already convinced themselves that simply leaving this group is not enough. The experience of those from the Elementary School in Zbraslavice is proof of that. “Our students told us that they had to step out repeatedly because someone was adding them over and over again. It is obvious that members can add whoever they want and as many times as they want,” confirmed director Milena Kyzourová. Therefore, in mass correspondence, she advised parents to simply block the number if they come across the group in the child’s mobile phone.

The police are investigating the case

The police are already dealing with the case and are currently collecting all the information, as Pavel Truxa, the police spokesman for the Central Bohemian Region, confirmed to Deník. He did not rule out that the criminal police service would take over. “Education among children is especially important here, but also an appeal to parents, which is happening and that is definitely the right way,” added Pavel Truxa.

However, according to some comments on social networks, it is already clear that the group does not operate only in the Kutná Hora district and is probably not limited to the Central Bohemia region either. “We are from Liberec, and someone added us to it as well. The group was reported and blocked,” a woman from northern Bohemia describes her experience on Facebook. “My daughter was also in the group. We have reported and blocked the group. We are from Dobříš,” adds another.

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