‘They Took the Whole Safe’ – La Boheme West Hollywood was Robbed

‘They Took the Whole Safe’ – La Boheme West Hollywood was Robbed
‘They Took the Whole Safe’ – La Boheme West Hollywood was Robbed

During the Public Comments section of a Regular West Hollywood City Council Meeting on Monday, November 6, 2023, Lucian Tudor, the CEO of La Boheme restaurant, located at 8400 Santa Monica Blvd, revealed that the restaurant was robbed in late October resulting in $20,000 in damages.

“Unfortunately, two weeks ago we got robbed,” Todor told the city council. “…they took the whole safe from the office with more than $20,000 of damages at La Boheme. I know we live in challenging times and you might have the solutions right now. I’m here, not to attack you, but [I’m] telling you I’m worried about the well-being of this community, including the business community. We live in very challenging times.

Tudor added that one thing he was sure of is that Block by Block Security Ambassadors are not solving La Behome’s security problems. “We need to double up sheriffs on our streets,” he said. “We need to use the resources of Block by Block, which I know is going to be on your table in December to discuss their overall performance. Block by Block promises and they don’t deliver. We need to be safe… and [not expect] to get robbed every other month with the 1000s and 1000s of dollars in damages [which] is normal for me, so please help us out, taking into consideration my thoughts…this community needs to be safe. People need to feel safe in their homes, feel safe walking our streets, feel safe to eat out in any of our restaurants.”

The restaurant made national headlines on April 25, 2023, after camera footage captured an armed robbery where one of the suspects held an assault rifle. Three victims were robbed. One of the victims was struck in the face with a handgun by the suspects. A third victim walking on the sidewalk was also robbed at gunpoint. The suspects fled the area in a stolen, silver Dodge Charger, which was being driven by a male juvenile.

At a council meeting in June, Tudor revealed during Public Comments that his restaurant had been vandalized five times following the assault gun robbery incident. “The city is getting extremely unsafe, staff are afraid to come to work and we need the city’s help,” he said.

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