The worst five in two years, said Hladk. Sweat with those crowns

The worst five in two years, said Hladk. Sweat with those crowns
The worst five in two years, said Hladk. Sweat with those crowns

Thanks to the system of stacked cans and cans, we want to collect and 90 percent of this waste for efficient recycling. Today, a pet can be used to make, for example, a sweatshirt or a car rug, but our goal is to make a PET bottle again into a PET bottle. With the introduction of packaging, we will not only fulfill our European obligations, but we will also relieve the Czech market, because first of all, these packages are one of the most carelessly thrown away, Minister of the Environment Petr Hladk explained the death of the amendment.

All non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles with a volume of 0.1 and 3 liters and alcoholic beverages up to 15 percent alcohol in plastic bottles must be stored. Accordingly, all non-alcoholic drinks in cans of 0.1 and 3 liters and drinks with a content of up to 15 percent alcohol in cans.

PET bottles or cans will be treated by the scavengers in the same way as broken glass. When purchasing, pay the deposit and return them in the stores. Both the bottle and the can must be labeled, not deformed or damaged. In the future, it will be adjusted with a vellum, at the same time with those crowns.

And 11 thousand summaries

According to Hladek, PET bottles and cans can be returned at 11,000 collection points. Stores over 50 square meters and gas stations over 50 square meters must be connected to the warehouse system. Others can participate voluntarily, among them, for example, newsagents, buffets and bicycles.

Hladk also pointed out that in municipalities that have over 300 inhabitants and there will not be a daily establishment connected to the storage system, the municipality should apply to the operator for the creation of a collection point.

According to David Surho, chief editor of the environmental protection section of the MP, there are roughly four hundred such municipalities. But the resort does not agree with the fact that all municipalities will want to collect the city. Let’s assume 25 percent, said Sur.

In total, according to estimates, roughly 2.5 billion pieces of PET bottles and ron cans could pass through the system. According to Petr Hladek, the second deadline for introducing the filing system is the middle of 2025. It will depend on how quickly we will be able to adopt legislation, he said.

The department should go to the interdepartmental peppermint amendment to the law on packaging in the fall. The amendment must be approved by the government, then it will go to the House of Representatives.

Don’t give bad consent

customers now have the opportunity to try it out in some stores, specifically in selected Lidl and Kaufland stores. You will not receive a refund for a snorted pet and cans, including a discount coupon for the selected product range.

Albert recently started testing the return system for PET bottles and cans in its selected stores. Even there, however, defaulters will not get their pensions back.

Not all bags are required to store full PET bottles and cans. Barriers to the collection system include the Association of Czech Traditional Trade, the Association of Local Self-Governments, the Union of Towns and Municipalities and the Czech Association of Waste Management.

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