The trade unions list President Pavle with a protest, which is due on November 27

The trade unions list President Pavle with a protest, which is due on November 27
The trade unions list President Pavle with a protest, which is due on November 27

The people of the trade unions consulted about the protests days before, not those hours. November 27th was not chosen as the day of protest by the trade unions by chance, on that day in 1989 such a general strike against the communist regime took place.

Trade unions support protests in various forms. From the hardest ones, that means activities, to the activities of those who cannot participate due to the law. Many of Stev’s activities are represented primarily by trade unions, said Stedula.

The government’s controversial package, to which the opposition is taxing and which the trade unions are complaining about, has been approved by the House of Representatives and will now be considered by the Senate. f the trade union of the central MKOS Stedula wrote a letter to the sentors asking them to make changes in the package.

The unions warned that inflation in the fifth year would not be as low as it had been. And here it is. Our forecast of 5-6% is not realistic. And no one should be surprised by the radicalization of the defenders, wrote Stedula on social media X (two Twitter accounts).

The chairman of MKOS, Josef Stedula, spoke at the press conference of the trade union of employees in public services and about salaries in the public sector. (November 2, 2023)

The people are dissatisfied in a way that the union has not seen for a long time

According to Stedula, the reason for the protest is the rising standard of living of employees and their families, dissatisfaction with the government’s actions, for example in pensions, the threat of significant electricity cuts or a drop in wages. According to him, it is about the effects of the consolidated package. We consider these impacts fatal, dangerous and life-threatening, Stedul said a week ago.

For one, 31 trade union presidents were inclined to confirm you. According to Stedula, the people are extremely dissatisfied. This is something I haven’t seen in a long time, he said before one.

Rising electricity prices

We want to achieve changes in the impact on citizens, employees and their families, so that it is not the case that employees pay for the government’s mistakes, declared the union leader.

He also declared the proposal of the Energy Regulatory Act as unacceptable. According to the ER proposal, the regulated electricity consumption for households will increase by 71 percent compared to last year, which is an average increase of about 1,408 K per megawatt hour including VAT. Instead of calming the situation, the pin gave a reason why there should be protests, commented Stedula.

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