The internationally wanted disinformer has called, he is said to be hundreds of kilometers away –

The internationally wanted disinformer has called, he is said to be hundreds of kilometers away –
The internationally wanted disinformer has called, he is said to be hundreds of kilometers away –

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Tomáš Čermák, the only Czech convicted of supporting and promoting terrorism, spoke again. He reacted to reports that, contrary to his claim, he was in the Czech Republic. The police are looking for Čermák because he did not go to prison. He is trying to defend himself against the sentence with an appeal, but this does not change his obligation to go to prison. It seems that Čermák is very active on the run on social networks, but he deletes his posts after a few hours.

Hey, Austrian, you stupid chubby! Tell your henchmen that I have not been to any forest in the Czech Republic! It’s funny to read how they think the video was shot somewhere near Pilsen. At the same time, I was several hundred kilometers away! Good luck you faggotČermák said to the Minister of the Interior on his Facebook profile. The post has several errors, the editors have edited it.

To what extent these words are true is difficult to judge. What is certain, however, is that in almost any other country, except for those under Russian influence, Čermák would have to hide in the same way as in the Czech Republic, because the warrant for his arrest has been international for over a month. “There are indications that he could be hiding abroad,” judge Tomáš Bouček told the server. According to him, one arrest warrant has been issued for Čermák for the European Union and one outside of it.

Some time ago there were indications that Tomáš Čermák has not left the republic at all and is moving near his residence near Holýšov in the Pilsen region. The police confirmed that they do not take such information lightly and are investigating it. “We are continuing the search for the wanted Tomáš Čermák and are also dealing with information in the virtual environment, including the statements made in the video,” the police wrote on social media

He claims to be in Russia

Tomáš Cermák himself is trying to give the impression that he is in Russia. “I won’t tell you where I am, you might know it here from the pictures of what I’m wearing. I think it is clear to everyone,” says Cermák. Z, in which he claims this, but it is definitely not clear. After a few hours, new messages from Čermák’s Facebook profile disappeared again. However, the editors have their prints available.

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