PHOTO: The winning streak has ended. The floorball players from Klato were not enough for the Gorillas from Pilsen


/PHOTO GALLERY, REVIEWS/ Saturday’s floorball division B program offered, among other things, an attractive regional derby between a newcomer from Klatov and the favored team FBŠ ATT Gorila Plzeň. The home team wanted to continue the successful series of three previous winning matches, but against one of the aspirants for promotion to a higher competition, they did not have the slightest chance in their hall. The floorball players from Pilsen decided on their high victory 11:4 already in the first period, which they dominated by a ratio of 6:2.

Floorball division, group B, 9th round: Sport Club Klatovy (on the picture floorball players in black jerseys) – FBŠ ATT Gorily Plzeň 4:11.

| Photo: Jindřich Schovanec

“The result of the match does not correspond to its course. We were knocked down by the suspension at the end of the first period, and it is difficult to get back into the game against such a quality opponent. For us, despite the defeat, it’s a springboard full of positives towards the future,” said Martin Klán, coach of the floorball players from Klatovsk, after the match, whose team fell to ninth place after the weekend. After the win in the city of carnations, the Gorillas secured third place behind Strakonice and 100% Říčany.

Floorball division, group B, 9th round: Sport Club Klatovy – FBŠ ATT Gorily Plzeň 4:11.Source: Jindřich Schovanec

“It was a very good game from our side and I’m glad we managed it with complete grace. Our opponent rather bathed in negative emotions and we took advantage of that in power plays,” Pilsen coach Miroslav Vybíral took a dig at his counterpart, who said before the match that Gorillas play in a forceful way and often put a lot of negative emotions into the match towards the opponent.

The floorball players from Klato, who did not score after three winning matches in a row, have a chance to make amends already on Saturday, when they will face Dačice, their table neighbor in division B, in the sports hall in distant Dolní Cerekva from 7 p.m.

Sport Club Klatovy – FBŠ ATT Gorillas Pilsen 4:11

Thirds: 2:6, 1:3, 1:2. Goals and saves: 6. A. Žežula (Švára), 14. Moller (Hajn), 21. Hrubý (A. Žežula), 60. A. Žežula (Švára) – 3. Sihelský (Surák), 4. Pour (Shobotník), 7. Kratina, 19. Sihelský (Surák), 20. Budek (Hlinovský), 20. Beneš (Hlinovský), 28. Budek (Surák), 30. Budek (Surák), 32. Hašek (Hlinovský), 50. Hašek (Lukasch) , 54. Pour (Surák). Referee: Husák, Hejsman. Exclusion: 4:1. Use of power plays: 0:4. Missiles: 10:54 p.m. Spectators: 115. Lineup of Sport Club Klatovy: Beran, Štauber – Jakub Holý, Jiřík, Hais, Švára, Stelzer, Benda, Denisov, Hajn, T. Joachimsthaler, Jánský, Š. Žežula, Moller, Netrh, Hrubý, L. Joachimsthaler, A. Žežula. Coach: Martin Clan. Lineup FBŠ ATT Gorillas Plzeň: Šimůnek, Lenárt – Šobotník, Lukasch, Budek, Surák, Hejduk, Pour, Kratina, Veselý, Hlinovský, Sihelský, Hašek, Beneš. Coach: Miroslav Vybíral.

Source: Czech floorball

The hockey players of Malá Víska (players in white jerseys in the archive picture) turned a spicy district derby against Start Luby (4:2).

Malá Víska turned the hockey derby around, deciding with three goals in the third period

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