Prague 15 is building a unique facility for children and seniors | PRAGUE 15 | News

Prague 15 is building a unique facility for children and seniors | PRAGUE 15 | News
Prague 15 is building a unique facility for children and seniors | PRAGUE 15 | News

A completely new unique facility is being built in the Prague 15 district, which will offer an unconventional connection between the youngest generation and the oldest. It will be a kindergarten and a day care center for the elderly, and these two groups could meet each other.

“It is a project of the former nursery school in Gercenova street, and we decided to re-expose two nursery school classes here and at the same time build a day care center for the elderly, so it is a unique unique project, a combination of two nurseries, one for young children and one for our seniors so that they can spend the day here in a pleasant environment and communicate together,” said Michal Fischer (ODS) – mayor of the Prague 15 municipality.

Construction began in April this year. But the preparations started already in the last election period, when the whole project was being prepared. It should be completed in the middle of 2025. It will then include a beautiful garden with complete facilities, a pond and a sledding hill for children.

“It will also be unique in that it will be one of the first projects here that will have partial self-sufficiency from independent energy sources, that means it should be photovoltaics on the roof, but also photovoltaic panels on the facades, so I think the project will be interesting in this regard as well,” said Michal Fischer (ODS) – mayor of Prague 15.

At the site of the original kindergarten, practically not a stone was left on the stone, so to speak. Basically, everything is completed completely, when the fourth pavilion is built from scratch, because it was missing in the original project. There will also be two completely new pavilions for the elderly. At the same time, it will be a relatively demanding project financially, with total costs rising to approximately 120 million crowns. The capital city of Prague contributes the largest part from subsidy titles, the rest is financed by the Prague 15 district with the help of partners.

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