Billie Jean King Cup ONLINE: Switzerland – Czech Republic

Billie Jean King Cup ONLINE: Switzerland – Czech Republic
Billie Jean King Cup ONLINE: Switzerland – Czech Republic

Czech female tennis players started the BJ King Cup victoriously. The second point against Switzerland was added by Marie Bouzková, who defeated Viktorija Golubicová twice 6:4

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Eighteen-year-old Linda Nosková ensured the successful entry of the Czech female tennis players into the basic group of the final tournament for the Billie Jean King Cup. The previous year’s junior Roland Garros winner won the team doubles match over Céline Naefová 7:6, 4:6, 6:4 after a reversal in the third set, and captain’s choice Petr Pály took the lead over Switzerland 1:0.

Debutant Nosková succeeded even though she lost 1:4 in the decisive third set. But she won the next games and dominated the match in two hours and 33 minutes.

So far, Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková against Golubicová and Jil Teichmann are announced for the final doubles. The winner of the Group A match will move closer to winning the group and thus advancing to the semi-finals.

“It may seem like a surprise to some, but unfortunately we are being pushed into a situation due to the Tournament of Champions in Cancun. The girls have now played, some are training for the first time. Markéta played today for the second time,” said Pála. “We have Maruška at number one, who will play against Golubicová and Linda against Naefová, who is a year younger. I believe we have a chance in this lineup. The girls have been here since Friday, both are training. We will see how the doubles match will look like and I believe that we will have a chance to play against America for promotion after that,” Pála said.

The Czechs will meet the Swiss for the seventh time in separate history. So far they have a record of 3:3, but they have lost the last two matches. The year before last, they lost in the basic group of the Billie Jean King Cup 1:2, last year they failed in the semifinals 0:2.

Group B:

Slovenia – Australia 2:1
Juvanová – Tomljanovicová 6:4, 6:1
Zidanšeková – Savilleová 6:1, 6:4
Erjavecová, Miličová – Birrellová, Hunterová 5:7, 7:6 (7:2), 5:10

Navrátilová asks for the head of the head of the WTA for Cancun, Pála spoke of contempt

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