The world is saved for both children and adults, even for two years

The world is saved for both children and adults, even for two years
The world is saved for both children and adults, even for two years

Our dream would be to prepare all residents of our region for life. Unfortunately, our capacities are limited, commented Veronika Krajsov, president of the Association Zchran kruh, which runs Svt zchran, without worrying about the public. Tens of thousands of people, both children and adults, have passed through the extension programs during its existence.

A quarter of a billion for development

So, due to the large scale, the association is preparing a project in collaboration with partners, the city of Karlovy Vary and the Karlovy Vary region. We want to supplement its equipment with another simulation of the location in order to better address the issue of risks, and in all ages and depths, free movement of goods and cybercrime and others, said Luk Hutta, executive manager of the association.

The association also prepares premises capable of implementing various simulated crisis situations, with which the employer and their staff can meet.

Investments in the further development of the World of Conservation are a quarter of a billion crowns. Of course, they could be covered by funds from the Just Transformation Fund. Now the creation together with the city and region of documentation projects.

Inspiration for dal msta

The world of conservation has become an inspiration for other Czech regions, as a result of the work of the Association of Conservation Circles, people from abroad are also familiar with it.

The meaning of this project is evidenced, for example, by the fact that the same area modeled after Karlovy Vary is being planned, for example, in Ostrava or Olomouc. The capital city of Prague is inviting construction, and the Stedoesk region has also been busy for a while.

We were very surprised that we were at two important international conferences in the past few days, in Brussels and in Amsterdam, Krajsov pointed out.

In Belgium, there was general talk about projects in the Czech Republic, in Italy about risks for children. One of the inputs of the association is the project Ty to zvoldne, which draws attention to various dangers, including those in traffic.

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