Khirsk week of water acquired a look of eskch een

Khirsk week of water acquired a look of eskch een
Khirsk week of water acquired a look of eskch een

The embassy in Khie, together with the CzechTrade office, used the opportunity of the “Cairo Water Week” (Cairo Water Week, CWW) to organize a presentation of early Czech companies active in water management and sustainable water transport in Egypt. The event took place in the framework of the project to support economic diplomacy (PROPED).

In 2023, the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources organized and managed the CWW group, which, in addition to a number of pod blocks, a workshop and a meeting, offered a specialized fair. During the entire duration of CWW (i.e. from 29 October to 2 November), visitors had the opportunity to visit the Czech booth to learn more about the products and upcoming projects of a total of six Czech companies. In addition to the traditional manufacturer of excavators Sigma, whose activity in Egypt dates back more than 60 years, the descendants of the companies Mivalt and Envi-pur were active in the field of wastewater treatment. The Life-Tech company presented methods of water disinfection with the help of ozone and UV, Escube zen two-component biostimulant for soil, Ecoone Europe, a company that produces water from atmospheric air, as well as environmental projects that could find application in Egypt. In the course of CWW, the so-called “Czech Water Day” was organized on the premises of the Czech Embassy, ​​where company representatives presented their products and thus established contacts with invited guests from a number of potential Egyptian partners and institutions.

The purpose of the project was not only the support of Czech companies, but also the advancement of water management cooperation on a scientific level. The project was also represented by Libor Ansorge, deputy for research and professional activity of the Research Status of Water Management TG Masaryk, who together with representatives of Ecoone Europe visited the Egyptian National Center for Water Research and its individual institutes. As L. Ansorge has pointed out: ancient Greece and Egypt are very different countries, and surprisingly they often have very similar views.

Due to the rush of Czech Water Day, the pilot event could become a regularly recurring project in the future, gradually involving hundreds of Czech companies.

Ondej Cuch, economic diplomat Embassy of R in Khie

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