Brno Christmas invites you to a new slide, a polar bear and iconic candles

Brno Christmas invites you to a new slide, a polar bear and iconic candles
Brno Christmas invites you to a new slide, a polar bear and iconic candles

There are several news items that will interest the newcomers. The most impressive one will be gliding on the water slide in the repaired park at Moravský namst, which will open on November 24 in the event of a fine season. The ceremonial opening of traffic is in full force on December 1st, I can skate here at least until the end of November.

There will also be a skating rink and skate boxes ready, so everyone who passes by will be able to slide. A 33-meter-high observation wheel will once again be erected nearby.

Kids, make your own drinks

The Brno summer program will take place at those places, one two and several courtyards. For the first time in a complete form, I will visit the Old City Hall, where nine walls of the best Brno gastroenterprises will appear, which fall under the Gourmet Brno project. Miniatures of the walls in the Vnon village will be prepared for the children, in which they will be able to mix their own drinks.

After several years of silence, the well will be visible on December 21 at Krav hoe. I can reveal that the darkness of the light installation in the park near the pond will be the same as that of the observatory Zuzana Kuljovsk said. The premieres will include dancing on the wall of the Komern Bank building, an architectural nativity scene by a BUT student and a chda show. On December 1 and 2, the Brno Mdn studios will open.

The walls will open on November 17 and 24

The outdoor tree will be transported from Blovice nad Svitavou to Svoboda Square on Thursday, November 16. The Advent stalls on the Green Market will open their windows a day later, on the Svoboda Square, Moravian Square and Dominiknska Square on November 24. On the same day, the trees in Svoboda Square will light up immediately at 5 p.m., at Green Market at 6 p.m. and at the Jota statue at 7 p.m. The wedding of Radovnka is then arranged the day before the three-day tradition Rybova esk me vnon.

Card payment only anywhere

This year, the most expensive Advent wall in the heart of Svoboda Square was sold for 2.9 million crowns. The organizer of the Brno Christmas hopes that they will be able to match the number of visitors, which they estimated at 1.5 million people. They want to bring potatoes to the city not only from the surrounding regions, but also from abroad. For several years, Brno has been building a strong position as the first European foreign destination, notes Jana Janulkov, editor of the Brno Tourist Information Center (TIC).

Visitors must also prepare cash, at some shops it is not possible to pay by card. It’s bad for any seller if you pay by card, says TIC speaker Hana Bnovsk.

disputed lit tree

The main decoration of the Svoboda square will be an 18-meter tall fir tree, which has been growing for about eleven years in the forest near Olomuan in Blanensko. He’s not handsome, he’s flawed. People often criticize the tree, but you have to realize that it grew in the forest, that’s why it’s not always fully symmetrical. It is due to its pbh, reports Lumr Dobrovoln from the local forestry company Masarykv les Ktiny.

LED interior lighting, provided by Technical Center Brno, will be incredibly cheap. The decor is highly questionable. All-day illumination of a tree, on which there will be a quarter of a million lights and kilometers of light lines, will cost only 270 crowns, says Miroslav Sek, the economic editor of the city company.

Rich graphics this time

While last year Brno Christmas relied on minimalistic visions with pepper flakes and cold colors, this year, on the other hand, it featured multi-colored graphics and traditional symbols of winter holidays. According to Michal Rok from the creative agency Aetna, these are meant to draw attention to the fact that good food and drink are inherent in this world.

The author of the rich graphics is Vendula Pucharova Kramov, a graduate of FAVU in Brno, who is behind her own logo inspired by folklore and sales. People will also be able to enjoy the ornamental visuals through so-called augmented reality, when they will be able to spread the plaques outside in the city center by scanning a QR code with their smart phones. The musical theme of the Brno Christmas is a novelty, its motifs will be accompanied by moving plaques.

Candles in the shape of an astronomical clock

This year, too, Brno has prepared a new thematic collection from local creators and brands that can sweat under the tree. For example, tins, glasses, a collection of mugs made by the Brno porcelain company Goldfinger or special balls for the Brno astronomical clock with fluorescent pigment.

Candles in the shape of the three Brno icons of the black astronomical clock from Svobok will be a specialty, as will be inserted in pavilion A and the iconic paez, which was cut less than ten years ago in Kohoutovice. But they are designer candles, don’t last too long, warns TIC editor Janulkov.

What are you going to do elsewhere in the region?

  • In Znojm light up the Christmas tree on Masarykov square on the first Advent Sunday, December 3, with a performance by singer Janek Ledeck. Concerts, a winter cinema screening and a performance of local bikes will be held throughout Advent. This year, too, I will go to the historic center every Tuesday and Thursday, but it will be quiet from the company until Saturday midnight. The kind of tree will be on Hornm st.
  • IN Beclavi On November 26, people will find the traditional Advent wall in this synagogue. The outdoor tree in the city park is fully lit on Sunday, December 3, and the Santa Claus parade is accompanied by fire and bubble shows on December 5. Advent culminated with a fair from December 15 to 23, the rich program ended on the eve of the first day of the silent firework.
  • Hodonn start On the night of December 2, the Advent season for health, a day later, Germans can visit the Advent bell ring, the bell ringer and the lit tree. On Sunday, December 3, outdoor markets open until December 19. When they are finished, a joint carol hall will be held at Masarykov Square.
  • In Forging with the night of Douglas Tisolist dawns on December 3, the night markets on Masarykov Square last from December 17 to 22. The main feature of the program here will be the band Queenie, with a surprise performance by Kateina Marie Tich. The atmosphere was completed by a carved Nativity scene, this year it was supplemented by a carriage pulled by two cars.
  • Advent in Blanska with the lighting of the outdoor tree on November 24. On the same day, a fair will be held on Republic Square, which will resemble Advent throughout. Newcomers will find sites with outdoor-themed handicrafts from the region.

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