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By the end of this year, the first demolition work will begin in the back section of the heritage-protected city spa. The building, which has been dilapidated for the past 30 years, will undergo a major transformation. For example, a social hall for 550 people will be created from the former swimming pool. In two four-storey extensions there will be gymnasiums, clubhouses and offices. Next year, the region would like to select a construction contractor, with the overall revitalization costing 1.75 billion crowns to be completed in 2026.

Of the three incoming offers for demolition work in the courtyard of the city spa, the region selected the one worth almost six million crowns. “We are satisfied with the result. The construction site will be handed over immediately after we sign the contract with the contractor and it becomes effective. Then the contractor has three months to fulfill the contract, i.e. for the actual demolition in the inner block,” approached the deputy governor for the area of ​​social affairs, investments and property Martin Burn (YES).

How should the premises of the city spa, which have been deteriorating for the past 30 years, be transformed? The exhibition in front of the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen answers this. Those interested will learn on ten panels that, for example, a social hall for 550 people will be created from the former swimming pool…

Until November 16, the public can get an idea of ​​how the spa will transform through the exhibition in front of the West Bohemian Museum. The architectural study was prepared by the Prague studio of Eva Heyworthová. However, dozens of architects sharply criticized the region’s approach. We wrote HERE. “We are aware of the difficulty of the revitalization and the certain controversy it has caused. Nevertheless, I believe that the new spaces of the gallery, social hall and areas and gymnasiums for interest groups will be fully occupied and will meet with positive responses. We all have a common goal, which is to return the historic building to its imaginary shine and combine it with modern usage trends.” said the governor of the Pilsen region Rudolph Spotty (Pirates).

Monday, December 5, 2022, 4:21 p.m

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“The most difficult thing was to find a way to return something from the history there, to agree with the preservationists, and then how to stack the program there, because it is terribly extensive for the square footage. We completely stop everything we can, both in area, depth and height,” she said Eva Heyworth. She has been working on the design since the end of January with 17 people, including builders. According to her, it was difficult to turn the monument into a cultural and social object when it was built as a single-purpose building with spas, baths and massage tables. The exhibition atrium, which connects all three buildings, according to the architect, managed to separate the new buildings. Instead of the original one entrance, there will be three, the hall and gallery have a two-story entrance hall.

The gallery has four floors, each with an area of ​​520 square meters, the rooms will be five meters high, followed by offices on six floors. In the second smaller extension towards the police building, there will be three gymnasiums and the upper floor will also be for a gallery. In the new roof above the gallery, there will be a two-story social hall for 100 people. In the old building, in addition to the entrances, there will be a large hall with a walkway in the place of the former swimming pool, storage underneath and facilities for performers and smaller businesses.

In 2007, TWB Praha acquired the building for approximately 24 million crowns. She wanted to turn the spa into a hotel. But nothing happened. Until recently, only a paintball field operated in the building, the rent of which was 25,000 crowns per year. The Pilsen region bought the building for 120 million last October.

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