Tragic traffic accident on the D5 near Rokycan. One lane is already passable


07.11.2023 13:01
07.11.2023 17:44

On the exit from the D5 highway in the direction of Prague, there was a traffic accident involving two passenger vehicles. One person died on the spot.

“There was a serious traffic accident on the 62nd kilometer of the D5 highway near Rokycan in the direction of Prague. Traffic is currently closed there. We appeal to drivers to be careful and pay attention to the road ahead,” reports Dagmar Brožová, police spokesperson.

The accident resulted in injuries. All components of the IZS intervene on the spot, including the air service. “A forty-four-year-old driver of a Škoda passenger vehicle stopped before the exit to the village of Rokycany shortly after noon for unknown reasons. A fifty-three-year-old driver of a Mercedes factory vehicle drove behind her and crashed into her. The woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries during the collision. The case was taken over by Rokycany detectives “ Brožová described the accident.

Long queues form on the D5 highway, measuring up to 7 km. Drivers must arm themselves with patience.

According to information from the scene of the accident, one person was fatally injured.


3:02 p.m “The highway is still closed, clean-up work is underway at the site,” said Dagmar Brožová, spokesperson for the police, to QAP.

3:34 p.m “The highway in Prague is passable with one lane,” added Brožová.

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