Fine wine lovers, get smarter! A special tasting is planned in Pilsen


07.11.2023 14:17

Talking about wine over wine, that’s the name of the extraordinary evening that’s coming up at Galeria Hess Vinotéka in Pilsen. A rare guest who is connected to the mysterious sculptures of Easter Island will also take part in the tasting.

It will be at Galeria Hess Vinotéka, Na Roudné 59, Plzeň on Wednesday 15 November 2023 from 18:00 to hold a tasting evening called Talking about wine with wine, which will be conducted by the famous taster Miroslav Kovacs.

You can look forward to some new wines of the 2022 vintage of the popular Vinařství Jarmila sro, Dolní Dunajovice. You will taste 11 samples of delicious wines. Among those selected will be, for example, dry Pálava, semi-dry Tramín red wine or a dry selection from Merlot grapes. All new wines can be purchased in the wine shop.

Before the tasting, you can visit the gallery as a welcome and familiarize yourself with the current exhibition of the Prague academic painter Pavel Vavrys – a selection from picture cycles. You can learn more about the exhibition HERE.

Another bonus of this event will be the personal visit of the well-known technician and experimental archaeologist Ing. Paul Paul. At the age of thirty, he solved one of the world’s most popular archaeological mysteries and is forever associated with the mysterious sculptures of Easter Island.

Refreshments will be available throughout the evening to accompany the offered wines. Reserve your seats by email [email protected]or by phone at 607 062 439and no later than November 14.

Photo Vinotéka Galerie Hess, Pavel Pavla’s archive

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