Crime prevention assistants have proven themselves. They want to keep them in Tachov


Monika Šavlova

Tachovský deník reporter

The crime prevention assistants working in the district town have completed their first two months of service.

They walk an incredible 20 kilometers a day following Tach’s crime prevention assistance.

| Photo: MP Tachov

These are pedestrian patrols whose task is primarily to supervise public order, the safety of children and pedestrians at crossings, but also, for example, to check compliance with the serving of alcohol to minors. Closely related to this is the control of compliance with binding decrees on the prohibition of drinking alcohol in designated locations.

Consequences of a house fire in Otročín near Stříbra in the Tachovsk region.

Its owner died in a burning house in Otročín, it was not a violent act

The municipal police in Tachov are assisted by four assistants, three women and one man, who during the normal working week serve in pairs on patrol, divided into morning and afternoon shifts. For the time being, the assistants are not working on the weekend. “This is a pilot project, but we would like to continue it next year, as the first responses from the residents are already positive,” said the city’s deputy mayor, Vendula Machová. According to her, the patrols walk about 20 km a day in all weathers, when in the event of a violation of the law or detection of defects, they will notify the city police patrol or the responsible employee of the office, who will take appropriate measures to correct it within their competences.

“I think the introduction of crime prevention assistants in the city was the right move. I just believe that couples should always consist of a man and a woman,” Tachovanka Petra Braunová expressed her opinion. “I noticed them. They greet, smile and it’s nice and necessary for us to feel safe again,” Pavlína Zušťáková expressed her opinion on social networks.

The martyrs of Choda were burned at Bor exactly 520 years ago, the event is commemorated by a monument

The martyrs of Choda were burned at Bor exactly 520 years ago, the event is commemorated by a monument

Jan Habrdle, chief constable of the Tachov Municipal Police, was initially skeptical about ensuring the errand activity of four assistants instead of additional reinforcements directly into the ranks of members of the municipal police. In the course of the past two months, however, he changed his mind. “I have to admit that the work of the rangers has paid off. Most often, thanks to them, we find out about black dumps, they report problems in transport and violations of generally binding decrees,” answered Deník. He, too, would welcome the continuation of the crime prevention project in the following years. The financing of the salary costs of the assistants should continue to be covered by the subsidy of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, as is the case this year. Despite the valuable help of the assistants, the head constable of the city police would also welcome new faces to his team. “We have several constables here who are approaching retirement age, so we would at least be happy for new applicants. We solve everything with the city management. After all, anything can happen, early retirement or a long-term illness would complicate our situation,” said Jan Habrdle. (seam)


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