The newcomer started the leader of the table. We have a very superior team for the third league, he says


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Football players from the third league Jiskry Domažlice are climbing the table after an embarrassing start. Thanks to a 3:0 win on the field, the first Hostoun jumped to the third place in the ČFL table and erased the loss to the leader of the competition to seven points. Jiskry’s winning goal was scored by Petr Došlý, who scored two goals in the previous round to defeat second-placed Slavia Prague B (3:2).

Petr Došlý in the match of the 13th round against Slavia Prague B.
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Petr Došlý in the match of the 13th round against Slavia Prague B.

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“We eliminated the opponent’s strong weapons. Regardless of the fact that the hosts were missing some players, we managed the match very well. The opponent had one shot on goal and Lukáš Brych caught the ball once. We played disciplined, we were dangerous throughout the whole part of the match and we won we are deserved,” said Petr Došlý.

The spark rises at the end of autumn…
We have a very superior team in the third league and it was only a matter of time before coach Horváth’s philosophy and new players, many of whom arrived in the summer, were incorporated into the concept of the game. We managed an important match in Hostoun, which was a test of how we are after the 14th round and where we have moved.

The last autumn match is at home to Admira Prague. Hostouň will play second place Slavia Prague B, so they will take points and the loss to first place can still be erased.
Exactly. We lost a lot of points because we were not so lucky, but we lost a lot of points ourselves. At the end of autumn, we mostly know what we want to play and we go for it. It’s about whether there will be anything left to play for in the spring. So we are under pressure and we have to do our best.

Domažlica coach Pavel Horváth could have been satisfied after the match in Hostoun, where his players won 3:0.

Jiskra ran rampant on the leader’s field, Hostouni scored three goals

Losing seven points to first is still playable?
Of course. Last season, Vltavín had a big lead for a long time and in the end did not win that much in the spring. In every team, there will be a staff change over the winter, the best players will get a chance in the second league teams and the third league ones will weaken. We want to beat Admira and we will hope that B Slavia and Hostouní will fight for points.

A win against the hosts will give confidence. Will it carry over to spring?
I think yes. It is important for us to manage and win the home match with Admira. Farewell to the fans with a win. I believe that in the winter preparation there will be time to finish a lot of game things. The ones that have already started to work for us a little, so that we can handle them even better. I think we should be even stronger in the spring.

TJ Jiskra Domažlice footballers (players in blue jerseys in the archive picture) defeated Slavia Praha's reserve team on their home field narrowly 3:2.

Jiskra defeated B Slavia at home, Došlý scored twice. What did coach Horváth say?

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