Safe pedestrian management thanks to the new app. One of them was pointed out by denk Metro tank

Safe pedestrian management thanks to the new app. One of them was pointed out by denk Metro tank
Safe pedestrian management thanks to the new app. One of them was pointed out by denk Metro tank

The children of the day, who accompany the unpleasant sandstorm, some of us know the door. But what about you, is it safe for us to cross to the other side of the footpath, even if we don’t get our clothes dirty? With such a fall, the tank Dagmar Kianov, who recorded the first such pedestrian on the Smchov crack, turned on us. And specifically in Radlick Street, near the Laurov tram stop.

According to police officer Dagmar Kianov, this footpath is dangerous for pedestrians. Although the day is marked by a blue zebra, the long run is always a big meadow for children. On the one hand, pedestrians reduce the danger for pedestrians, but there is also a danger of the destruction of pedestrians from passing motor vehicles, as in the case of Kianov.

The danger of the Smoch zebras was confirmed to the Metro daily by the city hall of the city. Walking is a real danger for pedestrians and for cars entering Radlick Street from K Vodojemu Street. Communication itself, however, does not fall under our urban area. The same as the public transport stop Pilehl, comments Prague 5 speaker David Hlavsk.

So we turned to the Technical Service of Communications (TSK), which is mainly responsible for the infantry. Speaking of this town, the Barbora Likov company first had to let the town prosper. It is really a fault in the structural layer of the road with a possible connection with the management of engineering roads, which requires repair, states Likov. According to her, from now on, she is treated as a problem for women. Residents of not only Prague 5 can easily find out this fact in the application. Stuff in the box below.

At the same time, Likov appeals to Praanyi to use a special formula called the Mucus of faults and defects in similar cases. By filling it out, the job is included in the application. The central dispatch center (CD), which is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will start working on it without delay so that it can get to the necessary professional services as quickly as possible. In the event of an emergency, the CD will notify you within an hour, provide temporary repairs or assistance.

This form is used by residents and residents of the capital to report any malfunctions or defects on roads or other property in the care of TSK. If they are not sure whether it is a source from TSK, the application of the City Council of the Capital City of Prague also works in a similar way, Likov told Metro News.

Uiten portals

  • If you find yourself in a similar situation as thinka, you can report the problem to the correct authorities.
  • The application provides a quick recording of faults and defects on roads or other property in the Department of Technical Maintenance of Roads.
  • If the citizen is not sure whether the city council manages the communication system, it is possible to fill in the form in the application of the City Hall of the City of Prague, which works on the website. Here is an opportunity to send suggestions to improve the public space and reduce waste to the capital’s land.
  • You can also suffer from the modern headache in Brno. You can report a broken sidewalk, guardrail, dirt in the roadway, a fallen signpost, overgrown grass, a damaged traffic sign, a full or damaged trash can, a non-functioning bird in the park or a broken street light here with the help of the application.
  • Even residents of Ostrava can report problems through the web application called istOVA.
  • Similar to prask zn plzesk The function is again the same as in the various apps. to date, 16,960 incentives have been paid here.

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