Drug boss e court u potet. The police cheated on me, hard wrapped

Drug boss e court u potet. The police cheated on me, hard wrapped
Drug boss e court u potet. The police cheated on me, hard wrapped

In the last two years, the 20-year-old Rudolf Chala from Vimperk na Prachaticka has heard two sentences condemning him for the organized sale and manufacture of drugs, but he always appealed to the Supreme Court in Prague. The Budjovick court of first instance will thus deal with the case at potet.

Wrapped up, he sat down in front of the senate led by Soa Fierová Biskupová sm. His other companions are serving their sentences in prison. Although Satan spent a year in prison after his arrest in January 2021, he has been free since May of this year.

The name of his sports figure is wrapped. With obvious nervousness, he checked his coil every now and then, and both watched his mobile. He rejected the plea agreement, because he did not agree with the cover from the meeting. According to him, he only engaged in illegal business and had drugs only for his own use.

I paid a lot of attention to the case in custody and I found out what the police cheated in order to do to me, explained the defendant, because when the woman was on trial, he consulted in writing with an associate who was also on trial.

For his illegal activities with unauthorized persons, he was sentenced by the regional court to nine years and the last eight years in prison, plus a fine of 1.3 million crowns and forfeiture of confiscated property. Now the owner of his club, car service and car dealership was busy, as I described, looting the family house and its surroundings.

They transported drugs around the region and across the border

The trial will continue for several days. According to the opinion of the Supreme Court, which overturned the last sentence, judges in the south should deal, among other things, with the statements of several witnesses and recordings of police interviews. First, the judges have a problem with the witnesses.

One witness has been out of the country for a long time, and attempts to release her have been unsuccessful for a year and a half. He gave the witnesses, two of them are in the execution of the sentence, they refused to testify on the first day. It could happen that there would be another criminal case later, said the witness, who was brought from the cell by an escort, who was legally refused to testify.

The wrap alone does not at all suggest a boss with a savior past. He and a suspected accomplice were arrested by the intervention unit on January 13, 2021, after a year of surveillance by customs and police detectives. According to criminologists, he was the main organizer of the illegal drug business in Vimpersk.

With meth, marijuana, ecstasy and anabolics, the entire South Region and mainly the border with Bavaria and Upper Austria were sold. They are also suspected of importing drugs into neighboring states. In the last year, they should have produced and sold at least one and a half kilograms of meth.

The group also engaged in prostitution. Satan himself owned a non-club in Horn Vltavica, where she helped him with the operation and distribution of drugs among the club’s female employees. Given his name, according to the packaging, she specialized in the search for drugs on the way to Russia.

During the raid with the code name Akan, the police found and seized luxury cars, weapons and 2.5 million crowns in cash and cash. The event was attended by 150 police officers and police officers. They totally arrested those people, they accused them.

The detective also took away the dismantled equipment for two chambers, a portable methamphetamine kettle and a hand-held mobile phone, police officer Ji Matzner said. The accused was sentenced to eight and 12 years in prison.

Customs officers and a policeman eliminated an organized group from Vimpersk (January 21, 2021):

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