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From fifteen colleges to one. The first branch line for trams is established in Brno

From fifteen colleges to one. The first branch line for trams is established in Brno
From fifteen colleges to one. The first branch line for trams is established in Brno

The central college connects to the main route at Mendlovo nmst. The total length of the branch line is 95 meters and is the longest, as can be seen in tram carriages in the republic, highlighted the general editor of the Transport Company of the City of Brno (DPMB) Milo Havrnek. The work on the harp should be finished by the end of November.

The new branch is able to increase the capacity of the depot by about a fifth, it currently accommodates 150 decommissioned trams. All switches will be electrically controlled without the need for manual handling when parking and moving the car. The display will immediately show where each vehicle is currently standing.

The construction is all the more complicated because it takes place while the railway station is in operation. Due to the excavation work, we have a few parking areas here, which we need daily for quick operational tasks in the vehicle preparation. Let’s help ourselves, for example, by moving ten trams to the Medlnka depot. Thus, the liquidation of the trams taken out of service was accelerated, so that the remaining ones would not take up space, said DPMB technical and operational editor Vtzslav rek.

A month ago, workers in Pisrky concreted the bridge structure to reverse the slippage. About five hundred people were watching the concrete from a makeshift vantage point. The builders used pressed concrete. Work on the bridge should be completed by the end of the fifth year. Then they start laying tracks and connecting them to the building tracks.

Smyka umon can find a tram from Bystrka directly to the train station, without having to drive around and to Mendlovo nmst a few stops away. Operational disputes DPMB sent six million crowns a year. Construction started in January this year and will be completed by the end of August next year. Investments in harp and skid in 680 million. The transport company is expected to receive a European subsidy of approximately 550 million.

In the neighborhood, a multi-functional factory will be created for approximately six billion crowns. A new stop will be added a short distance from the train station, so visitors can easily get to the new hall.

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