Travel trends for 2024: Take a walk through Prague, advises a renowned guide


Mongolia, Spain or the Kenyan capital Nairobi. These three are also among the best places to visit next year. Well, at least according to the new list of the renowned travel guide publisher Lonely Planet. Prague also entered the list of top destinations for 2024. Similar ratings and travel tips were recently published by National Geographic, whose list is dominated by natural beauty and ecological travel.

The Lonely Planet publishing house has published a list of top destinations for 2024. The ranking has 5 categories, each with 10 places. The list of Best in Travel in the Country category is dominated by Mongolia. Evaluators recommend visiting traditional yurts and horseback riding through the countryside

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What means of transport to travel to next year holiday? Choose the train, the newly released rankings of the top tourist destinations for 2024 by the travel guide publisher Lonely Planet and National Geographic magazine agree. The Lonely Planet list, published annually, traditionally offers 50 top destinations divided into thematic categories, while the National Geographic ranking selects the 30 best places and experiences on the planet, which it calls “cool”. Places in the Czech Republic, or in close proximity to it, also made it to both.

The famous guide listed Croatia among the ten best destinations for 2024

The travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has been publishing a list of top destinations for the coming year for many years. This year it was published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of its creation.

The best destination for 2024, it named a network of local experts, writers and publishing partners in five categories: best countries, regions, cities, sustainable travel destinations and most affordable locations. Each category features 10 destinations selected for their timeliness, unique experiences, ‘wow’ factor and ongoing commitment to sustainability and community,” summarize Lonely Planet representatives.

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According to Lonely Planet executive editor Nitya Chambers, the ranking will serve as inspiration for travelers who want something more than just staying in a closed hotel resort. “Our tips seek to both inspire and follow the instincts of today’s traveler. They cater to the desires of people who want authentic experiences, guided by local knowledge. Each chosen destination represents where travel will be headed in the coming years,” Chambers summed up.

Best country? Mongolia

It dominated the category of states in the ranking of the best destinations for 2024 Mongolia. According to Lonely Planet, the country offers breathtaking natural scenery, adventure and interesting culture.

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“Listen to the magical sounds of the Tumen-Ekh Ensemble, a traditional music group that performs nightly in Ulaanbaatar during the summer. Dine on steamed dumplings prepared by a nomadic family on the steppes. Take center stage at the Naadam Festival, where local athletes compete for prizes in horse racing, archery and wrestling. Ride into the mountains on a Mongolian horse, a breed that helped Genghis Khan conquer a large part of Eurasia,” the publisher offers tips on how to spend a holiday in Mongolia.

List of top countries for 2024 according to Lonely Planet

• Mongolia (Asia)
• India (Asia)
• Saint Lucia (Caribbean region)
• Mexico (America)
• Morocco (Africa)
• Chile (America)
• Benin (Africa)
• Uzbekistan (Asia)
• Pakistan (Asia)
• Croatia (Europe)

Locals also recommend visiting the Gobi desert, according to Lonely Planet. As CNN adds, Mongolia is currently more than open to tourists.

“For 2023 to 2025, the Mongolian government has eased conditions of entry into the country and improved local infrastructure and accessibility, including building a new $650 million airport,” CNN notes.

In addition to Mongolia, three other Asian countries were among the top ten countries, making Asia the most represented continent in the list. Only one country from Europe got into it, namely Croatia.

Prague has been changed by covid. For the better

The ranking of the top 10 cities was again dominated by the capital of the African country of Kenya, Nairobi. The evaluators were particularly impressed by the metropolis with more than four million inhabitants, especially its rich gastronomic scene full of businesses artfully combining local tastes and modern trends – whether it is stylish cafes or street stalls.

“Mutura, a type of African sausage, is top Nairobi street food, especially after a long night on the town,” Nairobi musician Blinky Bill advised Lonely Planet.

The vibrant cultural life and proximity to nature also added imaginary points to the African city – from the center you can easily get to the nearby national park and safari.

In contrast to the ranking of top countries, the list of top city destinations for 2024 has three European representatives, and in addition to Paris and Mostar, Prague also made it into the top ten. According to the evaluators of Lonely Planet, the corona virus pandemic helped the Czech capital to achieve this position.

Best place to vacation? Dubai, claims the ranking of the popular portal

“In the last decade, visitors came to Prague in droves, which partially spoiled the charm of the city. Pandemic-related closures covid-19 they allowed the city to start over. It now promises to disperse the crowds by encouraging so-called slow tourism and focusing on attractions outside the centre,” summarizes the Lonely Planet list.

By the way, the publisher recommends walking around Náplavec and Stromovce and drinking Pilsen as the best activities in Prague.

List of top cities for 2024 according to Lonely Planet

• Nairobi (Kenya, Africa)
• Paris (France, Europe)
• Montreal (Canada, America)
• Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe)
• Philadelphia (USA, America)
• Manaus (Brazil, America)
• Jakarta (Indonesia, Asia)
• Prague (Czech Republic, Europe)
• Izmir (Turkey, Asia)
• Kansas City (USA, America)

To Warsaw for a beer

Czechs don’t have to travel far, even if they want to see the winner of the Lonely Planet ranking in the category of locations with the best price-performance ratio. This category refers to places that won’t break the bank while still offering great experiences. For the year 2024, such a place was chosen as the top by a recognized publishing house Poland.

The country won over evaluators not only with the countryside dotted with old wooden churches, but also with new developments in Warsaw, including, for example, the new complex of the Museum of Modern Art. In the Polish capital, Lonely Planet specifically recommends a visit to the Haberbusch & Schiele brewery site from the 19th century, which has been transformed into a vibrant place where you can taste local beers and enjoy cultural experiences.

Queen's Beach in Nin, near Zadar, Croatia

To Croatia and Egypt. Czechs travel like they did before covid, Poland is the jumper of the year

Unsurprisingly, Italy’s Tuscany reappeared in the regions category, but visiting Montana in the US or exploring the Western Balkans by bike should be the most trendy next year. And as far as the category of places concerned with sustainability is concerned, the evaluators were most impressed by the ecological approach of Ecuador and Spain to their natural wealth – for example, the opening of new cycle paths there.

Trains are cool

In addition to the Lonely Planet ranking, a few days ago the National Geographic magazine also published its ranking of the top tourist destinations for 2024. Those from the well-known magazine agreed with Lonely Planet’s evaluators that travelers who go on vacation by train will be trendy next year. Lonely Planet included traveling by night trains in Europe among affordable yet wonderful experiences, while National Geographic recommended traveling through European countries by train in its top 30 thanks to the increasingly dense railway network.

The National Geographic list is not divided into categories, the recommended thirty places are connected by the adjective cool. “Roughly half of the list features diverse European destinations, from the ruins of Pompeii to the mountains of Albania, which the magazine calls Europe’s rising star,” CNN writes of the list.

Families should go to Malta. Prices there are more than six percent lower than last year. In the photo Popeye village, the village of Popeye the sailor.

Where to go for a cheap vacation? With the family in Malta, for parties in the Netherlands

For example, the northern part is among the top thirty Norway – Nordland, which appealed to the National Geographic evaluators with its quiet fishing villages and the possibility of observing the northern lights, the Estonian city of Tartu full of interesting festivals and destinations that will impress you above all with natural phenomena and beauty. “Attention-grabbing places on the list include the Atacama Desert in Chile (the driest place in the world), the lush Caribbean island of Dominica, and the dry forests of Andrefana in Madagascarwhich are famous baobab trees,” CNN listed.

List of top regions for 2024 according to Lonely Planet

• Montana (USA)
• County Donegal (Ireland)
• Trans Dinarica cycle route (Balkans)
• Kangaroo Island (Australia)
• Tuscany (Italy)
• Basque Country (Spain)
• Southern Thailand
• Swahili coast
• Saalfelden Leogang area (Austria)
• North coast of Scotland

List of top sustainable destinations for 2024 according to Lonely Planet

• Ecuador (America)
• Spain (Europe)
• Patagonia (America)
• Greenland (Europe)
• Trails in Wales (Europe)
• Pilgrimage to Santiago (Camino de Santiago or St. James’s Way) (Europe)
• Palau (Oceania)
• Hokkaido (Japan)
• Trails on the Baltic coast (Europe)
• South Africa

List of top cheap places for 2024 according to Lonely Planet

• Poland (Europe)
• Midwest United States of America (America)
• Nicaragua (America)
• Danube limes (part of the historical border of the Roman Empire by the Danube)
• Normandy (region in France, Europe)
• Egypt (Africa)
• Greek island of Ikaria (Europe)
• Algeria (Africa)
• Southern Lakes and Central Otago regions (New Zealand)
• Night European train lines

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