Tonks of light will lead to human productivity. But he is not satisfied

Tonks of light will lead to human productivity. But he is not satisfied
Tonks of light will lead to human productivity. But he is not satisfied

I had you oekvn. As it turned out last year, I was convinced that we would move in the upper levels of the table. But everything wants his time. There were many changes. You have to sit it down. Patience is needed, k laha.

He moved to Zlín, from where he left at the start of the 2021/22 relegation season, after a very good season in Porub, with whom he was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the first series with the Rams. He is now following the sovereign streak of his former club, which leads the Chance League.

It doesn’t surprise me. Where they added appropriately. They have balanced scores, quality defenders, a quality pair of goals that are regularly scored. They were greatly helped by the march of Captain Krenelok from Vtkovice. Everything sat down. they catch like mains, have lightness in the law, see that you give those gly. Beauty is what suffers us, we lie.

Although Zln scored points in both of their matches with the Ostrava leader, he only lost both in innings. That’s why I have more losses (10) than wins (9).

He got away with it, he remembered the lie that the Rams won first and in the fourth round. Then they started a series of five victories, but an unlucky loss in the derby on Lapai with Vsetn slowed them down, and since then it has been affecting their results and games.

We scored two goals. When we look at it, we’ll get angry. We have to push away from those hesitations, then the handsome, mild-mannered man who found the stellic saliva before the break will come.

In the last round, the Rams lost 1:2 in Cologne, he supported the series with three wins with those fine touches.

I used to come back to Zlno with the idea that I was going to cook or prepare them. I know that I punted it and I will benefit the team, in the league, which with the sum of 7+6 is the most productive game of coach Miloe hy’s team.

With the center Denis Kindle, they formed the best pair of Rams, in their formation the Kdelniks (Sss, Kernen, Paukku, Lang) played well.

I’m not a big fan of the toen lineup. The other five are also struggling, but it is due to the fact that we have a lot of fluctuations. I’m trying to find the most suitable option, but it’s not possible yet, I’m sorry not only for you, but also for those who feel the growing discontent before the season of tense fans. I am from Zlno, the information will reach me. Nobody cares. There are fans who stand behind them and know that we will get up just like last year. Then there are those who want results immediately. It is our honor to do our best to make them happy.

Even so, Zln shows the highest average domestic violence in the whole (2,676). Their support is due to us.

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