Point? It’s a loss, said coach Kampf after the Klatov hockey team’s battle in Sokolov


The Klatov hockey players headed to Sokolov for the next match of the joint league of the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary Regions, where in the 6th round they met the reserve of the first league Baník. The match, rich in goals, finally came down to separate raids, in which the home fighters were more successful, and thus added two points to the table, while the guests from Klatov only got one.

HC Klatovy (on the archival picture hockey players in red jerseys).

| Photo: Jindřich Schovanec

“We got a point from the away game, which always counts, but given that we had more scoring opportunities in the game, the point is a loss for us,” said Radek Kampf, the coach of the Klato ice hockey players. “Especially in the first period, we were better, more dangerous in the attack, but the goalkeeper caught the home team above standard,” praised the coach of the masked man in the service of Baník.

PHOTO: The winning streak has ended. The floorball players from Klato were not enough for the Gorillas from Pilsen

Otherwise, he talked about optically balanced hockey, which in the end had to be decided by a competition of skills and calm heads. “In raids, it’s always someone with whom, like a lottery,” remarked the 59-year-old native of Litoměřice, who in his active playing career played 349 matches in the highest competition, in which he scored 94 goals.

After the sixth round, the Klatov hockey players are in fifth place in the regional league table with ten points, but they can move up already on Sunday, when they host the last Devils from Ostrov in the home arena from 5:30 p.m. They fell to the bottom thanks to the sensational victory of Mariánské Lázně against Apollo (6:3). The Rebels from Nejdek lead the competition by one point ahead of Rokycany and Třemošná.

Source: HC Klatovy

HC Baník Sokolov B – HC Klatovy 6:5 after raids

Thirds: 1:1, 1:1, 3:3 – 0:0. Goals and saves: 12. Petrov (Rozsypal), 36. Račanský (Zbránek, Říha), 44. Petrov (Rozsypal), 46. Valta, 58. Zbránek (Račanský, Říha), Michálek made the decisive run – 16. Čuban (Vizinger, Pitel), 30. Vizinger (Čuban), 45. Brtník (Valečka, Kaiser), 48. Pitel (Plánička, Vizinger), 55. Kuželík (Babka). Referee: Dry – Mlejnek, Hóly. Exclusion: 4:2. Use of power plays: 1:2. Goals in weakening: 0:0. Spectators: 50. Arena: Sokolov winter stadium. Lineup of HC Klatovy: Jiří Brtník (Rückl) – Hochman, Plánička, Bouček, Valečka, Jan Brtník, Babka, Čuban, Kuželík, Pitel, Kuchárik, Grosskopf, Vizinger, Kaiser, Hrach. Coach: Radek Kampf.

Other results of the 6th round of the regional league: HC Čerti Ostrov – HC Domažlice 4:9, HC Rokycany – HC Rebel Město Nejdek 7:8 after raids, HC Apollo – HC Mariánské Lázně 3:6, HC Stadion Cheb B – HC Meteor Třemošná 3:8.

The following program of the joint regional league (7th round) – Saturday 16.45: HC Meteor Třemosná – HC Apollo, 17.00: HC Rebel Nejdek City – HC Stadium Cheb, 17.40: HC Mariánské Lázně – HC Baník Sokolov B, 18.00: HC Domažlice – HK Rokycany, Sunday 17.30: HC Klatovy – HC Čerti Ostrov.

The hockey players of Malá Víska (players in white jerseys in the archive picture) turned a spicy district derby against Start Luby (4:2).

Malá Víska turned the hockey derby around, deciding with three goals in the third period

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