The police already know who stole catalytic converters in Prague

The police already know who stole catalytic converters in Prague
The police already know who stole catalytic converters in Prague

The Prague police charged a 47-year-old recidivist with six thefts of car catalytic converters.

The man, who was convicted eleven times in the past for property and violent criminal activity, was taken into custody by the court. He faces up to three years in prison for stealing parts, as do his accomplices. About the case at website the Prague police was informed by its spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová. According to her, criminal investigators are still investigating the possible connection of the two men with other thefts of catalytic converters.

According to the findings of criminal investigators, the man was stealing catalytic converters in various parts of the capital. In all six thefts of which he is accused, he proceeded in the same way. After a short inspection of the surroundings, he crawled under the vehicle, where he used an angle grinder to cut the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe, and then discreetly disappeared from the scene. In one case, another person, also with a criminal record, helped him with the theft.

Shortly after the last theft at the end of August this year, policemen from the emergency motorized unit arrested the man. Criminal investigators subsequently discovered that he was responsible for more similar thefts. “The men were accused of six such acts, and the court subsequently granted their request to take the man into custody,” said the police spokeswoman.

As the motive for his actions, the man stated that he was trying to earn extra money for his job as a bouncer in a night club. For the crimes of theft and damage to another’s property, he faces up to three years behind bars if convicted, as does his accomplice, who is accused of the crime of theft as an accomplice.

Catalysts are used in cars to reduce the amount of pollutants. They contain rare metals that react with exhaust gases and break them down into less harmful substances through chemical processes.

Source: ČTK

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