A dilapidated house burned down in Jesenice, firefighters found a dead person inside


In addition to the local unit, firefighters from Zlaté Hory and Široký Brod went to Mikulovice on Tuesday shortly before nine in the evening for the fire in the old house, from which thick smoke was rising. They had to put out a large amount of burning waste and other stored items.

In the ground floor part of the building, the most affected by the fire, they found a person without signs of life. The flames also spread to the upper floor and roof of the building, which was abandoned and in poor condition, according to the fire department.

“Units gradually extinguished the fire in the part of the ceiling cover, using a thermal camera to find small outbreaks, uncover them and generally extinguish them,” outlined Zdeněk Hošák, spokesman for the regional fire department.

Firefighters are working with the police to investigate the cause of the fire. “One of the most likely options is carelessness when handling an open fire,” said Hošák.

In the Olomouc region, it was already the second fire in a family house during Tuesday. In the early hours of the morning, firefighters also had to go to the Olomouc district of Černovír, where the flames quickly spread to the entire building. Investigators are also looking into the possibility of arson.

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A family house burned down in Olomouc (November 7, 2023):

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