The Pilsen thermal power plant is about to end coal and switch to gas, it will cost hundreds of billions

The Pilsen thermal power plant is about to end coal and switch to gas, it will cost hundreds of billions
The Pilsen thermal power plant is about to end coal and switch to gas, it will cost hundreds of billions

The councilor was surprised by the delay. The general editor of Plzesk Teplrensk (PT) promised that he would deliver the first one this week, representative Petr Such from TOP 09 shared the delay.

But the question is whether the planned costs will not reduce the competition at high prices. The estimated costs for the reconstruction and construction of regional roads were halved this year thanks to the large increase in the number of women.

The reasons for the switch to gas, later also to vodka, are ecological, but mainly economic, because the fees for emission allowances are increasing and, compared to coal, they are roughly half of those for gas.

Business for growing spo from 2020

It will be built in full operation, it will be ready by 2029, said general editor of PT Vclav Paek. Payback oekv within ten years.

We will receive 50 percent of the subsidy, i.e. 3.5 billion crowns. It is about pensions from the Heat call of the European Modernization Fund, which should be 200 billion crowns, wrote Paek.

In the center, we negotiated with the Ministry and the Environment Fund, and the outcome is promising, he said. The company is prepared to pay approximately 1.5 billion from its own funds, starting from 2020, and it will need pensions from banks or shares for 2 and 2.5 billion crowns.

We have completed two of the pillars of decarbonization – disposal of municipal waste and biomass incinerators, which provides us with 40 percent of Pilsen’s energy needs, said Paek. The waste incinerator is in full operation and paid for, this year the company completed a type of boiler for the biomass incinerator. The main focus is the replacement of coal with natural gas, the editor stated.

The company replaces coal boilers with gas turbines with flue gas boilers for cogeneration production of heat and electricity. I have to be able to burn text messages with vodka, which is my potential for the future. Due to time and financial difficulties, the thermal plant divided the project into two stages – the first steam-gas cycle will be built in the thermal plant in Doubravka and the second at the Energetika source in the Plzeň kodovka complex.

First two diapers of natural gas, then a hook for vodka

We are currently preparing the selection of a contractor who will provide the project and the construction of the bridge for the first stage. After the completion of the first stage, we will start immediately in Energetica, where it will be your wedding, because it is a building on a green meadow, said the editor.

For the supply of gas turbines, the company ordered a separate installation, which the relevant supplier will then install into the system. After decarbonization, the performance of the heating pipe will be the same as today. The investment includes the replacement of gas boilers that would supply heat in the event of a failure of the steam gas sources.

Energy consultant from the ENA company Ji Gavor stated that switching from coal to gas and water is the only cost-effective option for thermal power plants today. At first it comes to the natural gas diapers and later it is converted to vodka. Gavor added that PT is therefore preparing for the option that the price of emission allowances will increase and PT’s profitability will decrease.

Such said that he has nothing against the decarbonization project, because it was prepared in the past, but he would like to explain that last year at the PT presentation there were 100.3 billion crowns, and this is 7.3 billion. So far no one has told me where the split came from. They are working with slightly different technologies, but they are not so different that the price will increase by such a large pension. The place in my heating plant is two-thirds of the action, so we should give, because the costs have increased, said Such.

Plzesk teplrensk, owned 35 percent by the EPH company and 65 percent by the city of Pilsen, had a profit of 807 million crowns last year, more than doubling between years. Revenues rose 29 percent to 5.6 billion. A strong growth indicator ensured the main sale of electronics.

270 million of the profit was used for dividends, of which 176 million was collected by the city. The company manages 54 thousand households. In January 2022, it increased heat by 9.7%, this January it increased by 4.8% on average to 626.67 K/GJ with VAT, for the fifth year it will be 28.3%. The opposition protests preceded the arrest, but a majority of the city’s leaders, consisting of ANO, Pirti, STAN and PRO PLZE, raised their hands for the arrest.

Gas stove top with sunflower seed husks (6/8/2023)

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