Next week, Vlasta Redl will celebrate “50 years on the scene” in Prague’s Lucerna


Thursday, November 16 in the Great Hall of the Prague Lantern will be an evening full of memories, nostalgic melodies and excellent original work. There will be a spectacular concert by singer Vlasta Redl, who is celebrating half a century on the music scene this year, with his band. He is now touring Czech theaters with his program aptly named “50 years on stage”, with which he will also visit Prague. Redl can be described as a musical all-rounder, a kind of musical Jára Cimrman. He is a self-made all-rounder, composer, lyricist and singer, writer, studio player, arranger, music director and producer. Due to the wide range of genres, his production is very difficult to pigeonhole. It ranges from poetically conceived folk to rock to folklore, always with a certain progressive tone. Typical for him are clever, often even philosophical texts, in which the story results in a funny or instructive point. This Moravian bard, a musician in body and soul, began to assert himself as a member of the group AG Flek, where he left an indelible mark on the albums “Dohrála hudba (+1)” (1989) and “Tramtárie” (1991). The fusion of the then AG Flek with the Hradišťan folk band Jiří Pavlica became legendary, resulting in a record that was eventually awarded the Czech Grammy Award (1994) as album of the year. After leaving the group, he started publishing his work under his own name. Five great albums were released. Redl is also known for his performance in a trio with singers Jaroslav Samson Lenk and Slávek Janoušek, and he likes to be involved in other musical associations. His most recent studio effort is “Letters from Flowers”, which is being re-released this year as a remastered vinyl for the 25th anniversary of its release. Vlasta with his band full of great musicians will play the entire cross-section of his rich work, of course the most powerful compositions from early AG Flek and the greatest hits of this exceptional musician will not be missing. Tickets for this exceptional concert can be found on the regular advance sales pages.

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