The third Czech astronomical clock has already been dismantled. Due to a dispute, he was moved to another village


The figures of the apostles, the dial and the drive mechanism are stored in the former fire station in Žibřidice, which is a local part of the village of Křižany in Liberecko.

It is on the tower of the Žibridic fire station that local enthusiasts will gradually install the astronomical clock. The renewed operation should be inaugurated on December 9.

The observatory has been operating in Kryštofova Údolí since 2008. Its spiritual father and initiator was Martin Chaloupka (1947–2015), a former television cameraman and local publican. After his daughter Alica Chmelíková was not renewed by the municipality this year for the operation of the nativity scene and toy museum, which her father also founded, it decided to relocate the astronomical clock along with the museum.

The third Czech astronomical clock will be moving. Not even the governor of Liberec prevented it

“I’m proud of what dad built, and I didn’t want to leave it where it wasn’t appreciated,” said Alice Chmelíková.

Photo: Michael Polák, Law

Žibridic volunteers moved the clock at the weekend and will now gradually install it in the new location.

The museum also moved

This year, the Liberec region intervened in her dispute with the village administration and offered Chmelíková to buy the observatory from her in order to preserve the observatory in Kryštofov Údolí. But even that didn’t help. Chaloupka’s daughter donated the tower clock to the Žibřidice. Permanently and for free.

“The local enthusiasts remind me of my dad. They are such other Chaloups,” she explained. “They paint and varnish the figures for the clock. The mechanism was perfectly fine, so it will just be assembled and ready for operation,” she described.

Photo: Michael Polák, Law

In Žibřidice, they have already tried out how the figures of the apostles will look in the windows of the former fire station.

On the clock tower, the Žibřidič family prepare everything according to the dimensions that were in Kryštof Údolí. “Because the clock also has side mechanisms, we kept exactly the space it had for the entire machine,” Vilém Růžek, who is helping with the moving and repositioning of the clock, told Právu.

In Žibřidice, the museum of nativity scenes and toys has already moved, which found space above the pub located directly opposite the fire station, on whose tower the astronomical clock will be.

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