A couch fell from the truck while driving on the D1. A truck hit him


Everything happened in a few moments around 19:00. The nearest police patrol went to the mentioned place immediately after the notification, but was unable to prevent the accident.

“Around seven o’clock, the driver of a Volvo truck with a semi-trailer reported that the sofa fell directly into his driving path and he could no longer react adequately,” the spokeswoman described.

In the meantime, the 58-year-old driver of a Ford car, the culprit of the whole situation, was already on fire on line 158. He was transporting the seat on a trailer, and when he realized it was missing, he pulled into a parking lot and informed the police.

“The couch fell off the trailer because it was not secured properly. The driver thus committed a traffic offense by his actions, because he endangered the safety of traffic on the roads,” spokeswoman Čírtková summarized, adding that none of the people were injured and the damage to the tractor was not so severe as to prevent him from continuing on his way, so the police closed the matter by a fine.

A large truck overtaking ban will be enforced on the D1

The police report does not say how far the ottoman was usable after the truck hit; all he says is that it was loaded by the highway administration and maintenance workers with the assistance of a police patrol and then the owner took possession of it.

In connection with the case, the police warned against carelessness when transporting cargo – from bicycles to building materials.

“Insufficiently or poorly secured and stored cargo on a vehicle can cause major problems on any road. On the highway, this situation is particularly serious due to the high intensity of traffic,” said Čírtková.

The police officers dealt with the accident on D1. A “clockwork” of drivers whizzed by

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