Tourism in the Stec region in the 3rd quarter of 2023 – the number of guests increased by 7.8% and the number of overnight stays by 4.4%


In the course of this quarter, the number of guests increased by 7.8% and the number of lodging houses by 4.4%. Compared to the pre-covid 3rd quarter of 2019, the tourism rate of the region was 99.8%, the number of domestic visitors was 1.9% lower, while the number of foreign guests was 3.9% higher than before the covid.

The mass accommodation facility in the Steck region was visited by 3rd quarter 2023 in total 255,577 guests, including 80,875 foreigners and 174,702 domestic guests. The total number of guests in the Steck region was second only to the Pardubice region in the inter-regional comparison. The highest number of guests in total and foreign visitors visited the traditional capital of Prague. The number of home clients in the Steck region was the lowest among the regions. The number of foreign guests in the region was the seventh lowest in the interregional comparison.

The number of guests in the collective accommodation establishments of the Steck region of Meziron increased by 7.8%, of which the number of domestic guests increased by 1.0% and foreign guests by 26.2%. However, neither the total number of domestic guests nor the total number of guests have reached the same level as before the pandemic. Domestic guests drank 98.1% and domestic guests a total of 99.8% of the total number of guests in this quarter of 2019. The only increase compared to the 3rd quarter of 2019 was among international clientele, by 3.9%.

All regions registered the highest number of guests in total and foreign visitors. The highest number of guests in total was in the capital city of Prague (by 15.4%), while the number in the Steck region was the fifth highest. Among foreign visitors, the highest growth was recorded in the South Region, where foreigners drank by 35.4% more than in the same period last year. The number of foreign guests in the Czech region was the fourth highest among the regions. The situation with domestic guests was not as clear as the interannual growth, apart from the Stec region, was observed in the other 7 regions of the capital city of Prague, Stedoesk, Jihoesk, Liberec, Pardubice, Olomouc and Zlnsk regions. The largest increase was in the Stedo region (by 7.2%). Outside in the Stec region, it was the best in the Pardubice region. In other regions, there was a decrease in the number of domestic guests, the largest of which was recorded in the South Moravian Region (by 3.4%).

the Steck Region lost 3.3% of the total number of guests in the Czech Republic. In the third quarter of this year, 27.3% of all visitors went to Prague, which is consistently the most visited region. In the past quarter, the second highest number of visitors was in the South Moravian region and the third in the South Region (11.1 and 10.3%, respectively, of R’s visitation).

In the structure of the host region 66.1% were domestic guests. More than two fifths of the total number of foreign visitors to the region were traditional guests from Germany (47.9%). Next in order were visitors from Poland (12.6%), the largest group was represented by visitors from Slovakia (6.2%). The number of home guests was also in cel R (58.4%). According to the number of countries, Germany (24.4%) was the largest foreign guest in the Czech Republic, the same as in the Czech region, followed by visitors from Slovakia with 9.3%. The guest from Poland (8.7%) was also interested.

Non-residents in bulk

Guest who in the 3rd quarter this year they visited the region, here they spent the night in total 690,582 night, which compared to the same period in 2022 represented an increase of 4.4%. Non-residents (guests from abroad) spent a total of 192,258 nights in the region (an increase of 23.1%), residents, or house guests, spent a total of 498,324 nights in collective accommodation facilities, a decrease of 1.4%. The total number of pensioners decreased in only 4 regions. The number of overnight domestic guests fell in half of the regions during the year, while the number of overnight foreign visitors was lower in all regions in the third quarter of the year. The capital city of Prague recorded the highest year-on-year growth in pensions, both in terms of total sweat and domestic inflows. The first foreign guest was in the Stedo region.


She reached the number of women in the Steck region average length of stay in the 3rd quarter of this year 2.7 nights. Residents spent an average of 2.9 nights here, foreigners stayed an average of 2.4 nights.


Since the beginning of this yearit got worse stack region in total 520 413 guest and they spent the night here 1347,871 nights. Compared to the same quarter last year, the number of visitors increased by 11.2%, the increase in foreign visitors was 30.2%, and in domestic guests it was 3.4%. The total number of boarding houses in the region was equal to the average, by 8.0%, of which 27.7% were for guests from abroad and 1.0% for domestic guests.


The number of accommodated guests and the number of lodgings increased in all regions, the highest regional increase can be seen in the capital city of Prague by 28.1% (number of guests) or by 30.0% (poet penocovn). The proportion of guest sweat in the Stec region was the fifth highest in the regional comparison, the proportion of overnight stays was the fourth highest.


The total results of the unemployment are included in the amount of Ukrainian state pensioners, who paid for their own accommodation. Due to the general conflict in Ukraine, however, in all cases, the operator of the accommodation facility could not distinguish between a tourist and a refugee. Thus, even persons who cannot objectively be regarded as part of the tourism industry according to international recommendations could have been involved in the sweat of the interior.


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