An activist climbed the building of the Ministry of Agriculture. They don’t care about the old forest

An activist climbed the building of the Ministry of Agriculture. They don’t care about the old forest
An activist climbed the building of the Ministry of Agriculture. They don’t care about the old forest

About two dozen people protested in front of the building against the felling of the old forest in Esk. According to Greenpeace, Star forests are important for biodiversity and climate protection. The police arrived at the site, agreed with the activists that they would climb up to the statues again and take down the models and the banner.

Activists climbed the ladders back to the statues above the entrance of the ministry and took down the banner and pepper helmets and models of chainsaws. The police came to Sundan.

We are protesting against the felling of the old forest, we will again call on the Minister of Agriculture to stand up for the protection of the old forest and give Lesm R a stopped felling. Over 21,000 people signed our appeal for the preservation of the old forest, said Nikol Krejov, head of the campaign.

Demonstrators should first come out with their vision, Minister of Agriculture Marek Vborn (KDU-SL) told TK at the event, who on Wednesday morning personally started the harvest of Czech kennel in Mlnick. Vborn stated that he had written to the protesters and wanted to meet with them, but so far they had not agreed on a date. The fact that the activist and the minister were writing to each other was also confirmed by TK Krejov. The activist left a letter with an invitation to the ministry for Vborn.

A protesting activist stood in front of the ministry with placards with the inscriptions We will not save the climate without forest or Real protection, not greenwashing. One of the participants of the protest carried a plaque in front of the building with the names of the people who had signed the petition. The call for the Minister of Agriculture Marek Vbornho (KDU-SL) and Forests R is about the protection of the old forest, which is owned by the state.

We will therefore call on the minister to support concrete steps for the protection of concrete old forests in Krunoho and in Dnice les. dnick forest currently does not have any protection, and there is a massive forest here before Lesy R. In the Krunch mountains, although Lesy R and the ministries have declared a no-restriction zone, there is no concrete plan, said Krejov.

At the end of June, the Greenpeace organization drew attention to the fact that wood cut from an old beech tree in the ash is used as a fuel wood and taken to the garden, where it is processed to make pepper. Devo was hunted in the Krunch mountains and in the dnie forest they followed with the help of a GPS locator. The ecologists published their findings in the publication Zloin proti prod: Jak esk firms ni vzcn old lesy.

We wrote clear evidence that the old forests in Esk do not have sufficient protection. Krunohorsk grapes are part of the European-famous locality, the farm is grown here like in a farm forest, said Krejov.

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