The new Porsche Panamera reveals the interior, heavily inspired by the Taycan


The premiere of the modernized Porsche Panamera, which the automaker calls a new generation, is not scheduled until November 24, but we can already see its improved cabin, which was obviously inspired by the purely electric model Taycan.

This is most noticeable on the new dashboard, which has lost most of the physical controls and is now mainly focusing on screens and touch surfaces.

In front of the driver is a curved 12.6-inch digital instrument panel, there is an infotainment screen in the center of the dashboard, and another screen can be located in front of the passenger.

The center console gets a new vent that offers electric adjustment, and the storage box can hold even more.

There is another screen at the back of the center console that allows rear seat passengers to adjust media playback, ambient lighting, etc.

We can also mention the reduction and relocation of the gearbox selector, which is newly placed in the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel. In addition, the entire dashboard panel is equipped with ambient lighting that stretches across its entire width.

The seats have also undergone a transformation, which should offer greater comfort on longer journeys thanks to modified shapes and new filling material. In addition, for the first time ever, the cabin features upholstery without the use of leather, combining Race-Tex materials and Pepita fabric.

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