He knew what he did, said the experts about the game from the Czech Republic. Ppad goes to court

He knew what he did, said the experts about the game from the Czech Republic. Ppad goes to court
He knew what he did, said the experts about the game from the Czech Republic. Ppad goes to court

The package was sent to the Regional Court in st nad Labem this week, Kateina Douov, a deputy from the regional state representative, told the portal iDNES.cz.

As the portal iDNES.cz informed the two, the police first arrested the estastic-year-old man because of a report from April, but he quickly recognized himself as the founder of the historically oldest. In the next few years, he changed his story several times. In the end, he confessed to the criminal activity, Douov pointed out, adding that the motive of one of them is not yet clear.

After he confessed during the initial police interrogation, he entered a psychiatric hospital for a while. The question for the surveyor was how his expert examination would turn out. The experts eventually concluded that the animal was innocent and knew what it was doing.

Imprisoned for eight and fifteen years

The man, who is currently in custody, is charged with general endangerment and damage to foreign affairs. According to the author, he stuffed around 350 million crowns with all his other codes. From the point of view of the criminal code, he thus committed a large-scale code, therefore, according to the first qualification, he faces a prison term of between eight and fifteen years.

The overseeing state prosecutor in the case file proposes a sentence of roughly half of the variable range for him, i.e. around twelve years. Even after serving his sentence, according to the complaint, he should not be released. The State Council also proposes a protective line in a building form, added Douov.

Fire broke out in the national park last night on the 24th. It gradually expanded to more than a thousand hectares. The fire was fought by dozens of firefighters, which were also assisted by planes and helicopters. In addition to the sometimes rough terrain, their work was also complicated by dry weather, high temperatures and strong winds. The fire, during which several houses in the settlement of Mezn were also destroyed, was managed to be eliminated after those weeks.

In April of this year, according to the criminologist, he set him on fire in Denmark within a few days. As a result of the summer storms, the vacationers’ cottages in the village of Krsn Lpa were burned down, the Vl hora lookout tower was damaged and damaged, as well as the houses on the hunting estates and two feedlots, in the cadastral land of the villages of Star Keany, Krsn Lpa and Doubice and in the forest cover of the town of Rumburk , named Kamil Marek at two police stations.

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