Producer Tourist will show you the way to the perfect beat in Prague


British composer and producer William Phillips aka Tourist could not have chosen a better stage name – as he himself claims, he has been traveling the corners of electronic music for over ten years in search of the perfect beat. In the beginning, he became famous for his remixes of indie bands, today he has four albums and a Grammy for co-authoring the song “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. He will come to Prague to present his brand new recording “Memory Morning”. After a sold-out concert in 2019, Tourist returns to Prague. They will perform in Karlín Barracks on April 26, 2024. Tickets costing 495 crowns will be on sale from November 10, 2023 at and in the GoOut and Ticketmaster networks. Those who register for the Fource Friends program will get their tickets two days earlier. Before he got into his own production, he spent his teenage years as a DJ on club sound systems and as a host of pirate broadcasts. He grew up listening to The Chemical Brothers and Goldiem, later the melodiousness of house music and synth pop became key to his own work. His collaborators include Elderbrook and singer Låpsley, he also went on a joint tour with producer Bonobo. So far, the latest album “Inside Out” (2022) combines mourning and joy, the album was influenced by the death of a close friend and the birth of one’s own daughter. The tender recording will be followed up next year with the new “Memory Morning”, which was created in the same home environment and on the same instruments. “It fascinates me that people don’t come to my concerts just for the latest album, but for the ideas of the music itself. I approach my work like a book, each album is a chapter of a well-written novel, some may be more interesting to some than others, but everyone will come when they finish reading them” Phillips revealed. “Memory Morning” avoids autobiographical themes. Here, Tourist follows specific moods, he sticks to his instincts instead of his diaries, he lets himself be carried away by popular psychedelic and shoegaze influences (from My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive to the nostalgia of The Avalanches). He also cites last year’s film “Aftersun” as a great source of inspiration, whose dreamy and melancholic mood has a lot in common with Tourist’s music.

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