The city collected most of the waste fees. About ten million left


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Here, it was necessary to adapt the amendments to the law from this August. In layman’s terms, the older version of the law allowed the city to increase the unpaid part of the fee to non-payers up to three times as a penalty for late payment or non-payment. The new law allows only double.

Furthermore, the city changed the reporting periods related to the fee and part of the terminology used in the ordinance so that they correspond to the aforementioned law. At the same time, the amount of the fee remained the same at 720 crowns per year, senior citizens for half.

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According to the mayor of Ústí, Petr Nedvědický (ANO), who submitted this point of the meeting agenda to the representatives for discussion, the changes are more of a technical nature. They suggested that the deadlines for reporting the obligation to pay the fee should be extended from fifteen to sixty days. Along with this, the city also extended the deadline for notification of changes to data in the fee notification from fifteen to thirty days. The change also applies to newly eighteen-year-olds.

“Here we have had relief from the fee until the day of birth, now we propose that it does not affect them in full until the end of the year in which they turn 18,” he described before announcing the discussion.

The opposition rejects the reintroduction of payments

In the debate itself, it was heard that this year the city managed to collect around 4.5 million crowns from the municipal waste debt, last year around 7 million and the year before around 5.5 million crowns. In this context, the opposition representative Jiří Madar from the UFO movement, which has long criticized the re-introduction of payments for dustbins, noted during the discussion that the extension of the deadlines, nor the halving of the penalty, will have any effect on reducing the debt.

“We will never recover from those who do not want to pay the waste fee. So how are we going to deal with the uncollected fees, which this year are around ten million, are we ready for that and how much will it cost us in addition,” he asked.

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Deputy Mayor Věra Nechybová (retd.), who is in charge of the city’s treasury, responded to this by saying that the mentioned one hundred million dollar debt was incurred even before the cancellation of the waste fee, but the city cannot legally waive it and must recover it. Which is said to mean that the officials tasked with this would do it even if the people of Ústí still did not have to pay for waste collection. It is said that it would be possible to save on their salaries and release them only if the city could write off this debt.

“They will collect fees this year as well,” she added.

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Source: Diary/Jan Pechánek

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